April has been a special month for Enough Abuse UK.  The highlight was the delivery of a Child Protection workshop at The Royal School of Haslemere and Hindhead where Queen Elizabeth is Patron and Princess Anne is President.  

It was a great honour for Enough Abuse UK to be invited and the workshop was a great success helping delegates to understand "GROOMING" the preamble to abuse.  Click to see the reference from The Royal School.

In addition we delivered the same workshop to Heath Mount School, Hertfordshire, which is another exceptional school, located in beautiful surroundings.  It is one of the oldest Prep Schools in the country, founded in 1796 and situated since 1934 in the Grade I listed mansion of the beautiful Woodhall Park Estate.

Again the workshop was a great success helping delegates to understand "GROOMING" the preamble to abuse.  Click to see the reference from Heath Mount School.

Yesterday, to close the month, we held a conference on "Preventing Child Abuse" at Greater Manchester Police Training HQ at The Sedgley Park centre located in North Manchester.  We would like to give our thanks to Greater Manchester Police who allowed us to use their training centre at no cost.  We also would like to give thanks to Peter Garsden, Senior Partner, Quality Solicitors Abney Garsden who was our sponsor and Key speaker.  Click to read Peter's comments on the day.  We also wish to give thanks the almost one hundred delegates who fought the snow to get to the event.  Again thanks to all.  

The day was a great success and you see below one of the many references we have received as well as over 22,000 tweets on the day!  Tweet us at @enoughabuseuk.

Hello Marilyn,

Just wanted to say thank you for inviting me to attend the Conference yesterday.  I thought it was inspiring, informative, moving and heartfelt.  The individual stories were courageous.  Each speaker was fantastic covering a wide range of areas of abuse and associated behaviours.

Elaine Hook, Child Protection and Exploitation Specialist

The conference also helped us to secure another three Child Prevention Specialists who are joining our team.

Marilyn Hawes
Founder & CEO
Enough Abuse UK



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1 in 5 children have reported serious abuse be it physical, sexual, emotional or neglect at some point in their early life.  This figure is based upon reported abuse so the overall figure will be greater than this.  Only 1 in 9 children who need support receive it.

NSPCC April 2013

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