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Come and join us at Greater Manchester Police
Training Headquarters for our Spring Conference.

Listen to the UK's leading professionals on
how to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

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Help us to prOTECT other families FROM abuse.
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Hear Me

"Child abuse must not be a life sentence for the abused."

HearMe is a free to use, online service for the reporting concerns about child abuse. 

Enjoy access to child abuse professionals who advise you directly on how to stop abuse and limit its impact.



"Enough Abuse UK" means support from our team of consultants with free access to our extensive library of online and printed resources.

Our aim is to ensure you all have access to the best knowledge and services on how to protect children in your care.

Take Action

"Prevention is Key"
Only by society being educated on grooming can we begin to reduce the incidence of child abuse.

Society can change the incidence of abuse by taking control.  Our children are our responsibility not the Government's, Police, NHS etc.

Get educated NOW!  


We educate all those with a duty of care of children from children to front line child abuse professionals.

Join us at one of our conferences, workshops or arrange in house training.

Ask us for references and we can explain why we have enjoyed a 600% in the number of delegates in 2015. 

How big is the problem?

1 in 5 children have reported serious abuse be it physical, sexual, emotional or neglect at some point in their early life.  This figure is based upon reported abuse so the overall figure will be greater than this.  Only 1 in 9 children who need support receive it.

NSPCC April 2013

Defenders of Children

Become a ‘Defender of Children’ helping to support abused children.

In exchange we will provide you and your family with free membership to HearMe, our online system providing education into why abuse happens, how to recognise an abuser or an abused child and how to protect your family from abuse.  In addition you can report abuse and get support from a panel of professional specialists in Child Abuse .

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