Our work is about PREVENTION of child abuse and not safeguarding.  What is the difference? Safeguarding policies and processes kick in once a disclosure or a concern has been raised.  We educate people who care for children on how to recognise an abuser and an abused child by their visible behaviours.  By doing this you can recognise a child at risk and someone who is a risk and take the appropriate action.
Within these programs we explain the attitudes, thinking and behaviours which lead someone to become a child abuser. We demonstrate Grooming, their identifiable behaviour, by using a teddy bear to display the established ways in which an abuser slowly gains the trust of a child and their social circle.
We train Schools, Parents, Front line Social Services, Local and County authorities, Safeguarding Boards, The Police, Religious Organisations, Child Centric Organisations and Corporate Organisations.  To be clear we do not compete with Safeguarding Boards whose role is to manage issues following disclosure.

Our work is about PREVENTION and not the implementation the Government Policies.
Our training and support is delivered by specialists with lived experience and established research over the last fourteen years.
The content includes: Grooming and Abuse online and offline , Behavioural signs of both an Abuser and a Child suffering abuse, The Impact of Abuse, The Mind of an Abuser, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Negative Behaviours and Emotions, Managing those impacted by Abuse, Self Harming, Eating Disorders, Addictions, Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health associated with Child Abuse.  We also have expertise with Radicalisation, Stalking and FGM.


Our Fees are based upon the amount of time contracted to our client to deliver their content of choice.  We reserve the right to negotiate a fee for a training event with over fifty delegates as events with say three hundred delegates would need two trainers to deliver the training and manage issues raised.
Two Hour Session: from £450

Four Hour Session: from £600

One Day session: from £900
Web Conferences: Max ten delegates at £25 each.  Two hour session. (Ideal for evaluation of our work prior to a full booking)
We are happy to provide training to a parent group for example free of charge if we can secure a donation of £10 per delegate at the event. Ideally we would need some twenty delegates.


Our workshops may cause emotion in those delegates who have suffered from abuse or who suddenly realise someone they know may be suspect.  We always have people on hand to support anyone who feels distressed or concerned.  If their situation should be a disclosure we can support them with the Police or Social Services.