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Published: 2021-07-01 08:45:08
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A sense of humor can make a hard time easier to bear. It does not matter what type, from sarcasm to the everyday “knock-knock” joke, humor has always been a way that I have expressed emotion. Bad days are always going to be around, there is no way to change that, but Humor is always a way to make the saddest of people crack a smile. Laughter is a powerful path into peoples mind, and can relieve pain by forgetting and living in the moment. Pain can be caused by basically anything, death, bad grades, work, or family, but at the end of the day I am always smiling.
Laughter is the best medicine has been able to cure people with mental and physical injuries. For me when I am hurt, I do not cry but laugh , maybe from shock of a physical injury, but I always feel better when laughing. When attending an event where something tragic has occurred or at a funeral, I hear laughter. I believe laughing is a way to remember and express feelings. The most unbearable thing I have ever done was say good bye to my team mate, Andy. Having died at the age of thirteen, it was a horrible experience to go through. My defense was humor, and being my sarcastic self relieved the pain and was the only option for me.
I remember sitting at the wake feeling extremely uncomfortable, but just laughing with a friend on mine because if we weren’t laughing the pain and shock would tear at us. Math class was unbearable for me. Trying to find the the length of the arc of a circle, at ten in the morning was never fun. Usually my daily nap occurred during that forty minute period, but the constant jokes and comments kept me awake. I began to actually like the class, only because the inside jokes the class had without my teachers knowledged. Obviously Pain is unavoidable, and even though I am young, I have lived through my fair share of pain.

I have seen death, and sorrow, but I always moved on with life. Pain never leaves but can be covered by happiness, which laughter creates, and which is very contagious. Living or even being around happy people always makes me smile. A joke is told and laughter explodes. Laughter makes me feel better, because it can make me feel alive, living in that moment and helping me forget the troubles. Laughter can truly cure anything. It helps me forget the pain and live my life. Making a bad situation into a bearable time is always good, Laughter is the key to move on, to smile and to be happy. If there was no humor, how would people react?

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