A Call from the Lower Middle Class

Published: 2021-07-01 08:47:34
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Most people belonging to the lower middle class are usually those who have a little degree of education and acquire basic office and clerical jobs. A rising issue on the division of classes is the abolishment of the lower middle class and the threat of more lower classes to evolve. Thus, in order to save the lower middle class, their needs as well as priorities must be considered and given enough attention.
One of the basic needs of people belonging to the said class is health care. Due to the high cost of obtaining a health insurance, only limited people are able to access to an assured quality health care. Another need that should be considered is the opportunities for high wage jobs. The salary that the lower middle class gain from their works is not sufficient especially for those who already have a family.
Such salary will be allocated to the everyday budget of his family. With the continuously increasing prices of the necessary commodities, the allocation of a low wage salary would be difficult. Some of the supposedly basic necessities for the family might be disregarded and sending their children to college might also arise as a problem.

With regards to education on the tertiary level, an affordable college education must be provided. Reduced cost of education for those belonging to the lower middle class families would mean great importance and assistance.  Provision of scholarship programs is also a solution for the problem in education.
The issue on education must be given priority since this process prepares the next generation for a better job. In the long run, if the education would be adequate, then the threat for the demolition of the lower middle class will no longer exist. Other needs of the lower middle class that must be considered concerns provision of low housing programs, reduced tax payment and an improve retirement security.
The said social class must not be taken in for granted because they take part in the development of the economic growth of the country. The progress of the lower middle class is a means to reflect the condition of the state’s economy.
Strengthening the Middle Class. Retrieved April 17, 2008, from http://www.hillaryclinton.com/issues/middleclass/

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