A Life in Dubai and Delhi

Published: 2021-07-01 08:21:16
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Every city is unique in its own way and has features that make it well-known and stand out from the rest. Each city is identified by something famous that can be seen in it. Dubai and Delhi are two cities that are known. The things to do, the nature and beauty, and level of development in Dubai and Delhi are quite different from each other. Dubai and Delhi have various things to do and places to go. Firstly, Delhi is a historical city with a lot of monuments from the 13th century A. D.
Monuments such as the Kutub Minar, Red Fort which is a very old building made completely from spices and rock instead of cement, Parliament House which gives a glimpse of the British architecture. There is the well-known Connaught Place which is a shopping paradise as all the goods are low-priced. On the other hand, Dubai is a new city which was formed 40 years ago. The tallest building in the world resides in Dubai and it has various malls with several choices of shopping and very competitive prices because of no custom duty, therefore it is called the free port.
Dubai also has the largest gold market in the world with tons of gold being displayed with minimal security. There are other activities such as dune bashing and deep see fishing. Dubai has a lot of sun throughout the year. Hence its white sandy beaches are quite popular with the citizens and tourists. Secondly, the nature and beauty of Delhi and Dubai are quite similar, from the exotic rose gardens and Mughal gardens to the River Yamuna flowing by the edges of Delhi. A lush green canopy of trees surrounds the entire city of Delhi.

Likewise, Dubai has a lot of greenery with water bodies throughout the city. There are parks with all facilities such as play areas, barbeque pits and fountains. Both Delhi and Dubai have zoos with all sorts of animals to look out for. Furthermore, Dubai has 8 months of excellent weather extending from October to May. Whereas, Delhi has extreme weather, either it’s really hot or really cold. Lastly, the level of development in both cities has increased considerably over the years.
The infrastructure is built to an A-class city level due to the Common Wealth games that were recently held. Delhi also has a very convenient metro system that connects to all parts of the city. Commuting from one are to another is quite effortless because of the auto rickshaws. The transport system runs on the CNG, therefore pollution levels have been reduced to a considerable level. Dubai has excellent infrastructure with wide roads and state of the art building. It is a new city that has been built to perfection in the last 10 years.
Dubai also has a world class metro system with driverless trains connecting to all parts of Dubai and it is also connected to buses which are available at every corner of the street. Ferries also run for people wanting to cross the creek from Bur Dubai to Deira and back. In addition, the population of Delhi is very high. It is almost equal to the population of the whole of U. A. E. Therefore traffic is very high due to a large number of vehicles on the road. The traffic in Delhi is probably twenty times more than it is in Dubai.
The crime rate in Dubai is very low and you can move around the city at 2 am without any fear as Dubai police is very efficient. This is not the case in Delhi. The crime rate is quite high and being out of the house after sunset is at your own risk. In conclusion, these two cities are very different from each other and at the same time share some similarities. Factors such as the things to do, nature and level of development make the two cities unique in their own way.

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