Are Women More Law Abiding Than Men?

Published: 2021-07-01 08:10:35
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The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), Wednesday 26 April 1967, page 4, 5 WOMEN ARE REALLY YES, there is in ? ail very few women are that because the average woman opportunities for crime than the could it discovered . . . AND, offenders National Library of Australia are BUT . .. has fewer man? be thal fewer crimes by THE . women , . OR are of those discovered, fewer taken to court? http://nla. gov. au/nla. news-article51272975 I talked to Mr. Gordon senior lecturer at Hawkins, "// men like were close jails. " up stopped me Comptroller our in of gone to instantly went "At the could mrtually we startling
This see him from the former of my head. he said, "there are moment," It from figures, to every ing 40 to to specific disparity enormous crimes, must "Interestingly, "Either that," said Mr. they've got men I decided it where have following subject, 6, I dis- there were prisons, Melbourne or furious and negligent 172 act daily Welfare average for Queensland four tern 25 1100 was men In South women. and Aus- with women. the Child of Department N. S. W. prisons For by omission, or and men I checked The women. driving, 21 men and no women. inflicting bodily harm prisoners in male wanton to see if the pat- ith juvenile, so teenage, crime. The figures relate to boys and girls aged eight to 18. held called ' tralia ratio the was 864 In Perth it to every men to men 50 Here samples of the 30 latest trial 1964, 52 for murder, of figures N. S. W. stood men and "In 1955-56," man couple a by the Department: In 940 women. released' Police women. about was are 1966 over eight to)d 5905 spokes- a court "there appearances under charged boys Crimes 364 by Act. There were by the were girls. "We times me, five about accommodation need the women. In men the year 13,850 arrested for lar- same were ceny, and only 2054 Then here were women. the serious driving offences: For bodily harm by for boys need for on parole than we girls. States "Other Australian similar ratio, a show very so does New Zealand. " inflicting wanton or furious I talked to Mr. more "For led. ON covered 60 countries are Morony, grinning, "or pursue the to women do their dirty work for them. " to February 2200 female more it that means you think to men? " asked. morally superior I female, ris- in certain such as mean something. "Do male burglary. it surely - one the by eight arrests An percent. American compiled show FBI, from varies latest "The he the ver country, ranging to five to 25 men prisons to every woman. " in NJS. W. "all me, world. country 40 a exists," disparity told out Uni- School, prison governor. "The J. Mr. Crimin- Sydney Law versity another matter, on ology the at statement tracks. It came my Prisons for NSW. , Morony. Vd which women of Institute the . Gordon where there crime is in women freedom. example, it's 2744 Where women their crime to in one Tunis, but Belgium. 342 "Here's another ing and Algeria point, to interest- culled world-wide in one from criminal istics: the crime of for "It normally declines post-war as things get back o normal. " disparity between This male and female crime has, it been noted for seems, centuries. criminologists face women less criminal, and looked for explanations. found in biological the said, than Others in roles played women, the By an the by and one answer and in the in great world, the other the home,, removed from temptation and opportunity. if they will in the cause the added, change society two causes, social. situation role combined mit for lifting, thefts biological The tistics pfain there, daylight, and the staas figures "The Criminality of prostiby thefts perjury, domestic servants, ccusations, infanti- abortion. cide, and social lack of "Also writes, he opportunity," the be rather many in women to instigator the the performer than act. " (In Mr. Morony's more "Women phrase, graphic to men their do dirty for them. ") work in- accomplices and frequently escape detected, detection or, if And stigators often A punishment. escape woman's likely she a were reluctant Juries are let her to >> than her charges against man. rnore are her arrest likely to more to off. shopper, at victim male prefer less the is harder shoplifting traditional detec' to than a man. days 0 especially in these elf-service merchandising Though lie. poison, prostitutes, by itself, against In example, by Woman, figures themselves. were and shop- murders false Pol insisted Dr. reported, lak; under- grossly are Policemen the quarrelled with couldn't - is women's expands. mis- give an inaccurate female, because "masked" crime tends to be often undetected, ^unreported, unpunished. comThe crimes women social, as Still others Few is The They have different men an leading. of the overt men. found society, with up unexpected conclusion: figures themselves aux cases women submissive more conformist And came "forces answer ifferences. they nature, in figures concluded by nature are Some are have the value, that around Pollak tution simply accepted at and picture men. gradually Many Barnes female dramatically women are wartime, when doing and jobs taking reserved Criminality of published by Co. , New York, ( American in 1950), the criminologist Dr. Otto in responsibility "The Women" stat- rises rate rises rate In dramatically freer, are crimes by women property dramatically during 115 e w*r' during w*r' LAW-ABIDING SEX? of reasons can in explana- sorts be advanced tion," A warder in the women's section at Sydney's Long
Bay Jail watches prisoners in the exercise yard, lt's . Mr. Hawkins "The American ogist Talcott said. sociol- Parsons puts lot of stress on the different upbringings a of hardly crowded. and boys girl into girls. "You initiate a *be homemaker-tnother KAY By KEAVNEY from earliest watch can this role. society time, presumably as opporwiden, women are often charged with most alas, their against gible, nearest tery has dearest and most accessible, the family or the neighbor. Assault, for instance, And woman's roles child parer, and nurse sick give her - some are not opportunities available to Of The isn't going

Hence they're suffer from frus- to "Girls are constantly conditioned to be 'feminine,' boys to be 'strong,' that is, tough, aggressive, by charac- of female crime, the is experts agree, violence but deceit. And competitive, with not tence sion Inside the variety home, gruesome tend to opportunities their use sex in a of ways, especially as decoys when working with a male accomplice. Dr. Pollak blames both female biology and society this deceitfulness. One way and another, he probably proves his theory that a greater proportion of and all in all, self defence. criminals women insis- an self-help, on "But for nrealistic, true. bound women. marked something and trations. which are most teristic the murderers pilots, to come men. most boy example something that grue- all poison, mys- be initiated. to heroic pre- of certain a boy. The concrete no space traditional food rearer, of to home-maker, as - the "Girls in their play tend for the mother prepare role. Boys play at being is a husband, neighbor. or jobs are_ and intan- something to in which generally against lover, rival, for so sons. fathers' "Many often and most and pretty abstract crimes "against the person. " And, isn't this fathers tunities times. She her mother n But in our urban certain aggresoffice. or put into action. to "Girls deviate from the in a difpermissible form ferent boys. from way Mostly they want to 'jump the gun' to play their conventional roles but at - a premature "When it's rates of crime. things of reasons wants boy, frustrated, turns to and dreams fantasies likely he's all too which proportion of crimes go undetected, unreported, uncharged, or unpunished. But, in Mr. Hawkins' opinion, even allowing for all the factors Dr. Pollak brings forward, still you get a wide disparity between male and female sorts one factory a The female "All no in

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