Assessment of Victim(s) Possible Injuries or Illnesses

Published: 2021-07-01 08:00:03
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Going by what happened in the scenario that we were given, a lot of things can not be ruled out. It was said that the day was “hot and humid”. Apparently, the couple had been walking all day without a rest and has had their lunch without a drink. The man was definitely dehydrated due to the low level of water content in his body and the weather. Fatigue can not also be ruled out because of the stress that he has gone through without taking a rest. This most likely led to heat stroke because the man was reported to be “unresponsive” and that his skin feels “hot and dry”.
In the case of the wife, her own illness is still in the preliminary stages, probably because her body system was more resistant than that of her husband. The husband’s throat must have been very dry, which might have led to his not being able to breathe properly. This must have led to his falling forward from his chair. Recommended First Aid Procedures to be implemented: The first thing that I will recommend is that the man should be made to lie down in a way whereby the head is lower than the body.
After this, it is recommended that you put your hand into the man’s mouth in order to allow free airways. Then, one should administer the “ABC” method of resuscitation. If possible, try to give the man a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and make sure the man is still lying down. Dip a piece of clothe into water and give the man a tepid sponging. In the case of the wife, give the woman water and make her sit down and be calm. Then try fanning the man and keep the place as airy as possible because of ventilation.

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