Autobiography Undral Batsukh

Published: 2021-07-01 08:19:30
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My name is Undral Batsukh. I was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Now I’m living with my husband and my two children in Darkhan City, Mongolia. . When I was seven-years-old. I enrolled in the secondary school No. 81 in 1988. I successfully completed my secondary school majoring in the social science with the grade “A” in 1998. After graduation, I entered The National Institute of Mongolia in 1998 under the selection for the students specializing on the Law. While I was studying in 4th grade, I did my first intership in “Tugs uchrahui” Co. ,ltd.
I successfully graduated and awarded /Diploma with Distinction/ degree of Bachelor of Lawyer. My GPA was /3. 13/, thesis “ Public administration law /90 A/, civil law /90 A/. After graduation I became a state agent. I worked in the ”Police office of the Khan-uul district”. From 2005 I worked as Expert of local statistical information. At this time I applied up-to-date information technologies in our office activity. Since May 2009 I have been working as an officer in charge of internal affairs in the Governor’s Department of the Darkhan City.
While I was working I always tried to improve my skills. In particular, I?passed the legal examination of the Ministry of Justice, then I got the official certification of the accepted Lawyer from this Ministry in 2005. In accordance to the Civil Service Law of the Mongolia I successfully passed the examination for the accepted state agent in 2006. In addition, now I’m the leader of Governor’s Department Labor Union, head of Women’s Federation of Darkhan city, the leader of the Sorority and member of the Mongolian Social Democrat Youth Organization.

In last year 2009 Darkhan city Governor appreciated my achievement to promote Province’s social , economy and culture situation then awarded by the Certificate of merit. In 2009 authorities honored my efforts and awarded “Honorary Certificate” by Provincial Governor’s Office. I have been working 8 years in State Administrative system and 7 years of them worked in Government organization. If someone asks me to describe myself in the three words I’ll answer that “I am independent, hardworking and cheerful. Because I have a dream. Dream to do some development for my City.
Development to promote life of our local citizens. I always try to improve myself. I have experience on many projects and I was doing statistical stuffs there. So that the things we learn on research methodology course is very close to me except it is in English. I will do my best to graduate from here successfully. I am interested in the projects involved to the prospering Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Mongolia. The reason of my interest is involved to the objective of developing SMEs to reduce poverty & unemployment, and to improve the well-being of society and human beings.
So that I would like to choose a topic related to the development of SMEs in Mongolia. After successful graduation from Taiwan I want to come back to my country Darkhan city with qualified experience of management and to contribute for development of Mongolia as a part of integration of the world. Written by Undral Batsukh 01/04/2011 When I get back to my hometown Darkhan, I am going to work on the issues related to the development of Small and Medium Enterprises and also implement the projects involved to the poverty reduction.

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