Book Analysis: The Rook

Published: 2021-07-01 08:17:30
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In The Rook by Steven James, there is a man who is a detective his name is Patrick Bowers but he also goes by the name Creighton which is his name for when he does undercover missions. Patrick Bowers is a special agent who has been summoned to take part in a dangerous case involving an arsonist who has began his reign of fires in San Diego. And the fires that are happening in San Diego are matching up to other events that may be linked to the same person who’s starting these fires. Soon Patrick Bowers finds out its not just fires he has to worry about its also kidnapping, a gruesome taunting video, and a suicide.
Which Patrick witnessed as well as his niece. That same suicide happened right after he and his partner lien-hua are called in to look at a house suspected of arson which may be linked by the same person who has started the previous fires. There is a man who is wild and completely out of control and seems to be high off of drugs. Detective Patrick Bowers goes to try to calm the man down but the man reacts violent way, and the man starts to attack Patrick and has he goes to punch the man in the face he bites him in the arm and takes off running.
As the man starts to run away he is then hit by a trolly and is run over. The character that I identify with most his detective Patrick Bowers, the reason that I identify with detective Patrick bowers is because my uncle is also a detective who also has delt with cases similar to this, only not as extream as Patrick bowers. My uncle and Patrick Bowers are very similar when it comes to their past my uncle just as Patrick bowers has dealt with things that he is not proud of. My uncle and Patrick bowers are also very family orientated people Patrick Bower has a stepdaughter my uncle also has a stepdaughter.

And the main reason that I chose Patrick bowers to be a character that I really identified with is because he and my uncle seem to have really good hearts and would do anything to protect their families. “ While investigating a series of baffling fires in San Diego, Special Agent Patrick Bowers is drawn into a deadly web of intrigue where nothing is as it appears to be with a killer on the loose and one of the world’s most deadly devices missing. Bowers is caught in a race against time to stop a criminal mastermind’s trap before it closes around the people he loves”

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