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Published: 2021-07-01 07:31:48
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Landslide Limousine Company has been making tremendous progress from the time Mr. Southfield presented the idea of wanting to establish his own limousine service. Mr. Southfield still have some areas that he still have to process before making the final cut In his selection process of who all he wants on the Landslide staff. Recruitment and selection strategies are put Into place to Identify the need and evaluation of the company at hand.
Making sure there Is a good strategic plan for the job, and having a developed recruitment plan in place to identify employees and the qualifications on the job. Recruitment and selection on the job is a very important aspect dealing with any job, especially dealing with other people lives. Throughout the recruitment process there should be passive non-discrimination, pure diversity, preferred hiring and diversity-based recruitment.
The recruitment planning process is a is very important tool for managers to sort out what their requirements are within their business such as number of people they need within there facility, what are their employee skill gaps, how long each employer Is going to stay with the company, and most Importantly does this employee have what they need for them to ropey forgo any on-the-job descriptions. Mr.Southfield goals for landslide limousine Is to gradually build up his clientele and eventually become one of the most popular limousine services within Austin, Texas. To achieve those goals you have to have a great vision to see it through but a steady foundation of performance appraisals and framework. Appraisals such as the regency error, where the manager assign each of their employees a rate of their most recent performance on the Job. Even with the halo effect that rates basis on good or bad impressions of on the Job performance.

Their our many different options that Mr. Southfield can take to help get to the organizational goals to get his service to where he wants it to be, takes a lot of work and being involved with the psychological success of his business. Also as part of the new generation forecast demographic trends will take place in the workforce over the next 10-15 years. The emerging patterns are the result of ups and downs In birthrates. Dealing with the change with the economy, Mr.Southfield have to weed out the good and bad employees that's not going to keep up to date concerning the demographic changes, within the next ten years. During those period of time different people of a different race may step up and take the job of others if the job isn't done correctly. That's the difference between the generation Y and the baby boomer generations where in the baby boomer generation they did what they had to do to survive and knew how to keep the workforce as a tool of their lively hood.
Within the next 5 years the analysis workforce needs to expand the culture diversity and look for more qualified people to meet the organization qualifications, and not just employee anybody without the knowledge or skills to complete the tasks of the organizational goals and objectives. It's also good to bring employees in as a entry- level employees so you can teach them from the knowledge of the company with all the different aspects to reach out to clients rather than the people that has been working In the company for years.
As Mr. Stonewalled goes through his recruitment process he needs to find the best candidates that will fit the job description. By not start off with in preparing for a successful business. In preparing for a successful business you have to have an organizational brand, having a brand isn't really expected on how the message is told to the customer but how it presents itself to the world and employees of the company.
Branding is the first image that comes to mind, when employees think about the company and its potential in recruiting the best candidates possible to invest time and resources for the company. Mr.. Southfield has to encourage his employees how important branding is to the name and founding of the company, without the vision there isn't any mission. That is where recruitment comes to play where you have to have the right staff on board to fit the same mission as the current employees. There our different methods of recruiting candidates that Mr. Southfield can use throughout his recruitment process internal sourcing advertising vacancies within the business for current employees, external sourcing by advertising and posting ads in newspapers, third party sourcing and interviewing and pre selection process. To avoid a lot of people that may not fit the Job description these are some great outsourcing methods. Employer screening can be intensive with weeding out the qualified candidates over the disqualified candidates that think they our a good fit for the Job. Screening process such as the best skill, performance, and culture match.
In these recruiting methods Mr. Southfield should find it easy to go through his process of recruiting the best candidates to be employed by Landslide limousine. Interview process shouldn't be as difficult if Mr. Southfield go by the recruitment methods I suggested it will make the process more convenient to him as a manager and to the future employees. A good way for Mr.. Southfield to approach his employees in a accurate measured skill is to do on-the-Job training and orientation to get his employees more comfortable within there positions they our irking.
Once all candidates is selected they should still go through the 60 day probation where the employees our under investigation and training for the first 90 days of employment. To also continue with On-the- Job training and different programs such as in apprenticeship training programs, and other skills to get them more informed of what is required. The workforce investment Act (WI) is a very important act that all employees and employers such as Mr. Southfield should be well informed of workforce development activities thought out the United States.

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