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Published: 2021-07-01 07:22:12
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Filipino's are described as great food lovers and what a great tribute for this, a project in Entrepreneurial Management, the proponents prepared an idea for the food industry. It has been observed that we, Filipinos, love eating. Even after a heavy meal, we look for something else to eat, for a limited budget, sometimes we doubt if we would still buy something Just to lessen the unlikeable tastes In our mouths primarily because of the price. So, Happy Partnership offers an innovated product, a roduct that is common and was innovated to be distinct among other offered pastillas.
We call this product Happy Pastillas. Happy Pastillas, being distributed to retailers In sari-sari stores, would be more convenient and thus, will not require consumers to go somewhere else. unlike other desserts, a piece of Happy Pastlllas can be enough to lessen saltiness, spiciness or greasiness of meals remained in our taste buds. Happy Pastillas offers health-conscious consumers nd dessert lovers a healthy and friendly local product called pastillas.
Happy Pastillas Partnership will provide a combination of excellent dessert with affordable price, unique shape, and nutritious ingredients. Happy Pastillas is the answer to the increasing demand for craving a dessert after a meal with lower price. Our mission Is to serve customers great tasting nutritious dessert in today's highly competitive environment, it is becomes increasingly difficult to compare our product o the usual pastillas that consumers usually buy.

Hundreds of retailers who are selling different pastries are evolving. our Inltlal target areas are sta. Elena, San. Roque, sto. NIno, calumpang . As we grow. we will develop more kiosks within the city. Happy Pastillas are highly profitable in the first twoyears. The increasing probability is partly based on expectations. These forecasts are based on general trends in food Industry.

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