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Published: 2021-07-01 07:20:23
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The funds will cover the purchase and installation f the equipment and machinery, leasehold improvements, inventory, office equipment, and working capital to start the business. Syndee Howgate will contribute $9,750 to the project from personal funds. The remainder of $220,000 is requested to be a SBA loan at 6. 00% interest amortized over 7 years. The loan is to be secured by the equipment, and inventory, as well as the personal guarantee of Syndee Howgate. LearningRx is a franchise for a learning center that caters to families with children who have academic difficulties.
The franchisor is LearningRx Franchise Corporation located in Colorado Springs, CO. The program is based on the explosion of brain research that has accumulated in the last decade. This research suggests that stimulating the mind with mental exercise may cause brain cells, called neurons, to branch widely. This branching causes millions of additional connections between brain cells. Studies demonstrate that our brains develop throughout our lives and that they are constantly being modified and that training and practice can stimulate brain development in targeted areas.
This is known as neuroplasticity. LearningRx, the franchisor, has used what we have learned about brain development and created program that focuses on developing those cognitive, brain based skills that allow us to take in and use sensory information. Developing these cognitive skills such as, attention, simultaneous and sequential processing, planning, processing speed, short-term and long-term memory, auditory processing, and visual processing make the student more efficient at taking in and using information thus making them better students.

Academic skills are dependent upon underlying cognitive skills. Students in the LearningRx program work one-on-one with a trainer for 60-80 hours n a twelve to twenty-four week period and also do home training with a parent. Tremendous changes in performance are evident rapidly. A two year improvement in cognitive skills during this 12 week period is guaranteed. Gains of 4-6 years are common. Clients of LearningRx are typically families with children of school age. Although having academic and reading difficulty.
The franchisor continues to work to develop additional programs targeting populations such as preschoolers, senior citizens who want to stay sharp and corporations who want their employees to work faster and more efficiently. These programs will be incorporated into this franchise once available. The franchisees will be Syndee Howgate CEO of Genius In Training Inc. (Note that a Franchise Agreement is available for review upon request. ) Syndee Howgate brings with her 13 years operation experience from the financial world with Capital One Financials.
She has created and executed marketing plans, project plans, managed a project/process management office and accountable for P&L for a $1. 5mm staff and $20mm operations department. She will be able to lead the center to success with her experience in HR, training, coaching, management, and roject and process management. She will lead a team of self-motivated, entrepreneurial spirited, with a strong sense of ownership and excellent customer service skills. Syndee Howgate is a mother who understands the struggles of learning in kids.
Her ability to connect to parents and network in the community along with corporate experience will be a huge asset to the company. As a franchisee, LearningRx will have an exclusive territory for offering the LearningRx program. In addition, as a franchisee, Syndee Howgate, will be able to train additional trainers themselves. This business is different from other approaches to academic remediation in that it does not work at the academic level, but rather targets the underlying cognitive skills that make learning easier and more efficient. It is not tutoring. It is giving the child the tools he needs to handle academic instruction.
The strengths of this business are the program itself, the company support and the experience of Syndee Howgate. Company description of service we offer Through one on one brain training sessions with certified Brain Trainers, we will provide an engaging, life changing experience to anyone seeking to improve their ognitive abilities. Mission Statement Genius In Training Inc. is dedicated to providing life changing experiences through results proven brain training by establishing a meaningful partnership with our clients, our staff members, and our community. We will respect the interests and Vision Statement Genius In Training Inc. eeks to provide all children with the best education possible and give care-takers options in supplementing their loved ones education to give them the most enriching life they can have. Value Statement Genius In Training Inc. through the methodology of LearningRX provides the best alue in education by treating the root cause of learning disabilities and weak cognitive skills in a faster, individualized brain training sessions over tutoring. These sessions produce permanent gains in life applications guaranteed. Tag line Train the Brain. Get Smarter. Guaranteed. Idea Research Learning RX is the brainchild of Dr. Ken Gibson.
Dr. Gibson was a practicing pediatric Optometrist specializing in visual processing. Through his successful practice he found that the exercises he was doing with his patients were drastically improving their learning skills. This led Dr. Gibson to further research other cognitive abilities branch widely and is constantly changing better known as neuroplasticity. Developing these 7 cognitive skills: attention, logic and reasoning, processing speed, short-term, long-term memory, auditory processing, and visual processing make the student more efficient at taking in and using information thus making them better students.
Academic skills are dependent upon underlying cognitive skills. Unlike any other learning disability programs that focus on behavior management or specific academic content matter, the Learning RX programs improve the brain's rocessing ability. For the first time in educational history, a complete program has been developed that will do for mental abilities what physical exercise does for the body. Competitive Research Currently, the primary source of competition for LearningRx in the Sugar Land area are Huntington Learning Center, Sylvan, and Kumon, which targets the same population, children with learning and reading difficulties.
The similarity between programs ends here however. The Huntington and Sylvan learning centers are a tutoring center that uses instruction to target what they term "skill-gaps" or those cademic skills (i. e. division or phonics) that haven't been learned or mastered by the student and then in turn affect higher level academic skills that rely on mastery of basic skills for success. These programs are school curriculum based. Kumon is a workbook based program with little to no tutoring. Kids are pushed to do repetitive work using a workbook that could be purchased outside the learning center.
LearningRx by comparison provides cognitive skill development on a one to one basis. Trainers work individually with students to develop those skills that allow us to rocess the sensory information that we have gathered. Processing includes our abilities to attend to, discriminate, analyze, evaluate, and compare information, to recall experiences, and to determine a plan of action. These skills are almost completely learned and are determined by our interaction with our environment and other people. Academic skills, those such as algebra, reading, and typing, are dependent on underlying cognitive skills.
Developing cognitive skills makes the student more efficiently able to develop academic skills. name recognition and image. Their advertising leaves parents with the impression that they can solve their children's learning problems. The LearningRx Franchise Corporation has developed advertising to make it a household name. There are published test score analysis to show the progress of students. There are targeted pamphlets created for doctor offices and schools. Parents are also aware of the very high cost of tutoring through Huntington Learning Center, and Sylvan and the more affordable LearningRx option will be attractive to them.
The image of LearningRx is that it is a cutting edge, research based and scientific pproach to remediating children's learning and reading difficulties. ages 5 and older (although less common, adults may be clients as well), particularly those who have learning and reading difficulties, as well as those with children who are excelling academically who want to sharpen their skills and stay at the top of their class. The anticipated income level of these families is middle to upper class. According to the 2012 U. S. Census Bureau data for this area, 24. 6% of the population is currently between the ages of 5 and 18 years.
The median household income is 113,261. The population of the Sugar Land increased 158% between 2000-2007. Product LearningRx has learning and reading program that develops cognitive skills in clients. To train cognitive learning skills, the program applies the most recent scientific research on learning. Those who will benefit from the program include high or average performers who want to perform mental activities faster, more efficiently and better than before, as well as below average performers who have learning difficulties. The LearningRx program differs from other approaches to learning problems.
Cognitive skills are the abilities that allow us to process the sensory information we have gathered. Processing includes our abilities to attend to, discriminate, analyze, evaluate, and compare information, to recall experiences, and to determine a plan of action. These skills are almost completely learned and are determined by our interaction with our environment and other people. Academics in turn are dependent on our cognitive skills, which allow us to process information. Clients who receive cognitive skills training through LearningRx work one-on-one with trainer for a total of 60-80 hours.
The training is a 12-36 week, intense cognitive training program that corrects and enhances learning skills. Unlike programs that last years and produce very gradual changes, the LearningRx program makes very significant changes in only 12 to 36 weeks. In this way, the client sees changes in their performance, which raises self-esteem and makes the client want to work even harder at improving cognitive skills. During training the client will work on various skills, which develop memory (short term, long term, and working memory), visual and uditory discrimination, attention (both selective and divided) and logic and reasoning.
The goal of training is to make cognitive skills efficient and automatic. For example, a fluent reader does not sound out words or pause to think of their meanings. These skills should be automatic. If they are not, comprehension suffers. Clients are asked to do an increasing number of processing tasks at a time. If the client is able to do two tasks at the same time, a third is added. If he or she is able to do three, a fourth is added. Since the conscious mind can only handle one task at a time, the others are The result is that the client no longer has to learn to process information and can now process information to learn.
LearningRX currently offers 4 main programs ThinkRX, ReadRX, MathRX and Einstein which is a combination of the 3 previously mentioned programs. We continuously analyze test scores and performance to tweak the program. We plan to launch a new program- ComprehendRX which will focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary for those clients that are looking for a tool to improve standardize testing like SAT and ACT. Supplemental Education is a $9 billion industry but LearningRX is the only rogram that has shown significant gains in cognitive skills.
Each person will be assessed prior to given a "prescription" on the type of program and number of hours needed in the program to drastically improve their cognitive skills. ThinkRX- is a one-on-one training session that corrects weak cognitive skills including : attention, short-term and long-term memory, procession speed, logic & reasoning, and visual and auditory processing. Including in the program is an assessment and ongoing identification and correction of weak skills. MathRX- is a one-on-one training session that combines ThinkRX and core mental kills for critical thinking and problem solving.
ReadRX- is a one-on-one training session that combines ThinkRX and focuses on decoding sounds in the English language. Einstein- comprehensive Brain Training Package which combines ThinkRX, MathRX, And ReadRX. Promotion Successful franchisees have identified newspaper, radio, direct mail, and referrals from satisfied parents and other professionals as their primary sources of prospective students. Genius In Training Inc. plans to take advantage of their experience and target these mediums for advertising. We have initially chosen a 89.
FM KSBJ Christian radio stations that target people ages 35-64 to reach both parents and grandparents of school age children. In addition, we plan to advertise in Sugar Land Magazine which is a parental magazine distributed throughout the Sugar Land area, Fort Bend Star - the community newspapers, and Yellow Pages advertising. A promotion for free assessments and discounted sessions will be a limited time offer for new students. Other promotional advertising includes referral incentives from current students and employees.
We will also have a budget to support local school undraiser and sports team in exchange for printing our names as supporters. Training is done at $85 per hour for any prescription below 30 hours Training is done at $80 per hour for anything above 31 hours Place This will be a brick and mortar Learning Center that is open from 1 lam-7pm located in the Sugar Land area. Web presence will be maintained through a main web page portal, facebook and a yelp page. People- Center Directors and key administrative staff will be given 2 weeks of training at the LearningRX headquarters.

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