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Published: 2021-07-01 08:53:13
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This Job Involves many skills. Since physical therapists are always working with people they must enjoy working with all different kinds of people. Touching others is also a large part of this job. They not only have to help a patient get better and help prevent injury. A therapist must have a good understanding of the human body and be able to show patients various exercises.
There have been various types of therapy: heat and cold, hydrotherapy, electrotherapist, and massage and exercise according to Churchman. Heat and cold involves heating and cooling the Injury with various tools. Hydrotherapy Includes using hot water to help with various injuries. Electrotherapist Involves using electric shocks to relax the muscles. Massage and Exercise involves using acupressure and electrical stimulation. Today physical therapists make their own history through research. Rather than following everyone else they research to find what works best for them and their patients.
The general duties of a physical therapist, according to Churchman, Include transporting patients, make-up of treatment tables, cleaning arioso machines, clerical work, talk with patients to become familiar with them and their injuries. They tend to work 40 hours a week and often-on Saturdays according to "Physical Therapists". This article also states therapists tent to work one on one with patients and rarely work in groups since each injury is different they cannot be grouped together.

The income off physical therapist ranges from $50,000 to $104,000 according to "Physical Therapists" and assistants tend to earn an average of $32,000 as stated in Churchman. The education needed for this Job once involved eating a physical education degree but has changed since them. However in 2001 all programs for physical therapy will be at the matters degree level and above. Students will need their undergraduate grades and volunteer experience in physical therapy. The undergraduate classes should have a balanced combination of course that will teach you how to live and how to earn a living.
Understand the development of humanity spiritual and social needs as well as physical needs. Therapists must think logically and be able to write and speak effectively. They must learn to have strong relationships with their patients. Tarring In high school they should start taking courses that will help them learn all of these skills. A few classes include biology, English, physics, first aid, and health. In college or university there are many programs to help physical therapists get the requirements they need.
Physical Therapist Assistants require a two-year associate degree that gives students theoretical and practical knowledge. Physical therapists mostly work In the field with baccalaureate degrees but most students today earn a master's. Henderson also mentions that all students need some clinical experience while they are studying to et their various degrees. A few ways to get started it taking positions in large teaching hospitals in metropolitan areas to gain experience. The armed forces or the U. S. Public Health Service are also a good place to start.
Hospitals or local practices are also available in most areas. Many new graduates tend to go to hospitals first. This Job really Interests me because I enjoy working with people and I always want to freshmen at San Marco's and was studying to become a Sports Medicine Trainer. I have always looked up to her and we have always had similar interests. I looked into Sports Medicine and found it quite interesting but I knew I would not be able to handle that much pressure. Later in my freshman year, my knees started to bother me while I was dancing so I went to an orthopedic surgeon to get a diagnosis.
I noticed the physical therapist's office across the lobby but did not know anything about them. When I got home I began to research physical therapy and found it really interesting. I took anatomy and physiology in high school and fell in love with learning how the body moves. I am now in my third year at community college and I till have one more year before I plan on transferring to San Marco's Sinology program. From there I plan to get my master's, possibly Loam Linda, and my PhD from SST. Augustine in San Marco's or Loam Linda.
San Marco's will help set up an internship at the new hospital in Tentacle and I am hoping to get a Job there while I finish up my education. Eventually I plan to open my own private practice, possibly specialize in a sport and work with athletes or work with the armed forces. Looking more into working for the armed forces, I could either enlist as an officer or work as a civilian. Enlisting as an officer would involve going through basic combat training, advanced individual training, and officer schooling.
If I were to work as a civilian according to Henderson, many civilians hold two Jobs. Rather than only working for the military they tend to work at other practices or hospitals in the area. I feel I would also have to be very positive to help all the military men and women stay positive and keep working hard. Another issue with enlisting would be getting certified in each state. According to Henderson a therapist must be certified in the state before they are able to start practicing.

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