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Published: 2021-07-01 08:50:47
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A long time ago, a boy named Irena and his mother lived in a beautiful village. Irena was 17 years old and his appearance was thought of as the gift from God as he had both gold eyes and hairs that shine like the sunlight. He was curious about nature and has the potential and perseverance. In addition, is mother flawless face is very small and beautiful with delicate features, and it glows with soft light from within, like the moon. They had a happy family. One day, Irena finished his work and came back home, and then he found nobody (verb) in the village that was fired. He hide behind the tree, he saw a few men that dressed in black clothes. He was wondering what happened to the village and how could this happen. he was breathing like rest. He did not dare to move, he can only silently look at it. Suddenly he was discovered by a black dress person. (what does this mean? The person stands for what? ) Then many black men run to him and they yelled:” Catch him! Catch him! ” Irena heard this voice and run away, he has been running forward, suddenly he stepped on slippery, unexpectedly(what) has reached the edge of the cliff. (what kind of situation?
How could the situation be dangerous for him? )situation extremely anxious, he wanted to even death cannot fall to the hands of men, after he jumped off the cliff, the back of the black dress person to see him so fierce, incredibly jumped off the cliff, they would not be chasing him, though he must be dead. he will never see his mother, but he did not think of another branch saved his life is a tree when he woke up; he found out himself was in a village. Early in the morning, it woke up from sleep, “I am not dead! Where is this place? ” Irena whispered. At this time an old man went into the room, and the old man said,” you wake up, young man. ” He promised to say,” Is you saved me? ” The old man said,” yes, you really have high Crawford . from the high cliff fell off and you are not dead. ” The old man asked,” where were you live? ” Irena replied:” I live in a small village with my mother. However, when I came home yesterday, I found that caught on fire in the village, and people in the village was gone, I only saw many men( what kind of men and why are those men important)in there, I do not know what they plot. ”
The old man said:” It was a cult of people, they work for the dragon, the dragon eats one hundred people each year, the black dress person is responsible for the tag, and then offering to the dragon. ” Irena said:” these people really suck, my mother must be caught by them. ” The old man asked:” Do you want to save your mother? ” Irena said:” Of course, my mother and I live together since I was a child, she is my only living relative. ” The old man asked:” If you want to save your mother, you should follow me to practice fight skill, ()Zas long as you learn to fight skill, you can save your mother, the Irena firmly answer well. Days passed, one day, the old man said the child, “I had taught all skills for you, the rest will be on your own before you go, I have something to give you, it is great to help to you, after a while, they walked into the house, the old man took out a piece of black cloth wrapped together. ” Old man said:” this is a hero to stay on a knife, the hero with the knife to kill the dragon; I believe it will bring you help. ” Irena tools the knife and saw a golden light point-blank the sky. Early the next morning, Irena went on a journey to save his mother, Irena walked for a half month, he arrived at the place that is the dragon lived in.

The dragon lived in a cave, Irena went into the cave, and he saw dark inside and felt a little bit cold across from ear. He walks for a long time, finally, he saw the dragon, and it is sleeping. A large cage near the dragon, many people were in this cage and his mother also on here. He used a knife to break the lock and put out the people. When he saw the dragon, he was stunned. Dragon has a long body covered by scaly skin. They also had a pair of bat-like wings, wedge-shaped head and long powerful necks.

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