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Published: 2021-07-01 08:15:22
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When a pet dies people do not know what to do with their remains, some choose to bury in the garden of the house, others choose to take them to a crematorium, others leave them in charge to the vet, and others unfortunately opt for the dump. But a little-known alternative, which allows for a more worthy use the remains of pets, besides being able to visit when you want, is to bury his remains in a pet cemetery. The main idea of the CePETery is that owners of pets, once they have buried their remains, to visit them in a calm and full of vegetation, and have a moment of reflection with their deceased pets.
As for the CePETery, we offer to bury pets in graves containing small stones, where owners can let their pet’s dead flowers and souvenirs, and even put some pictures. To satisfy our customers, in addition to the funeral service, we could offer additional free services such as the funeral service, which includes the collection of debris and then a little farewell ceremony, and also provide free coffin of some memories.
Also, in addition to our burial service, we could also offer the service of cremation, where after it; the owners handed over the ashes of pets in a wooden box. The burial service we will offer could range from a basic particular pit containing a small tombstone with the engraved name of the mascot, even more complex mass involving large stones where only the name of the pet, you can record any additional message . As we might accept pets in the CePETery, dogs and cats, could accommodate other types of pets such as rabbits, turtles, birds, hamsters, fish, etc.

As for the charge for our service, the usual in this type of business is that the payment is annual, i. e. to be paid an annual rent for the pit and the maintenance needed. Finely, in terms of marketing, we could create a web page to advertise our business via the Internet; another alternative would be to make some agreement with veterinary, veterinary clinic, pet shop, and pet owners. For example, one where they receive a percentage of sales, and for every customer you refer each.

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