Chinese Management Styles

Published: 2021-07-01 08:24:01
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It is hoped that the research will answer the following question : Chinese management styles and Western management styles which method is more effective? . 2 Reason for choosing this topic This topic was chosen as it was of interest to all four members of the research team. We put a lot of effort! The team also fell the topic expands on aspects of a number of engagement styles ,especially with Chinese management styles and western management styles differences. All four team members have work experience within the reasons. And are interesting to learn about that alternative two management styles!
As with other cultural form, human management culture also has two kinds, one kind is originated form the ancient Greek culture traditional western management ultra, it is in the initial stage of capitalist development experience management developed on the basis of center of gravity , management by weight ,it turned the heavy in management more performance in order to regulate the management , system management , namely ,the management of the special rely on legislation and management ,Another kind is haiku culture originates form the traditional eastern management culture ,have abundant oriental management culture ,form ancient simple management thoughts, to today 's still is not perfected management culture ere bred the deep "feeling" in it. Specific to our management culture also experienced such a process ,restricted by social historical conditions imposed ,china 's management idea in modern did not and industrial revolution and capitalist methods are from the western. Research Aims and Objectives In order to prove that China's management style and Western style of management which is better the research team have decided to focus on the following four key objectives, there are: . Hat are the advantages, respectively for company bring those value,is conducive o the development of social economy, set up the good international image in the world and win in the competition advantage . .Understanding of their cultural background and culture deposits, and what is different , How do evaluate the management styles and western management styles bring develop ,they have what features rather have their own unique . How do evaluate the Chinese management styles and Western management styles development for company , and what characteristics they have . China's management style and Western style of management are what and what advantages and disadvantages
In order to achieve the above objectives team plan to begin to discuss the current exploratory literature writing about topics and themes statements goal The research team intend to work in such a way as to use particular strengths of the individual team member, these problems, this paper analyzes the role of certain tasks and deeply personal strengths relations, specified on missions and schedule 4. 1 Research sources Write a research proposal will need a lot of relevant information. We can use many methods to find the relevant and useful information, in can include: questionnaires, kooks, textbooks, magazines, newspapers, internet and all kind of medias. The information in this research proposal are scorecard information. Because time is not enough and limited relevant resources. The secondary information sourced from the internet. Secondary information sourced from Google. Finned many relevant articles and literature review which shouts be useful and relevant to the research project.

Collect all date and organize useful information. 4. 2 Proposed timeliness for research project 18 May research topic chosen 19 May find some information on the websites 20 May continue find information 1 May collect all data and sorting data 22-23 May write the research proposal 5. Key Assumption and limitations It is assumed that most of the secondary information in this research proposal is real reliable and relevant. Because the limited of the research method, the secondary information maybe not enough, it can make the analysis and interpretation of the information is not perfect. Because the research time is not enough and the research team has limited management acknowledge.
It can affect the deep of research. As the team members have little practical experienced and management knowledge, assumptions about the bias in the Chinese and Western style of management can be avoided. The results are objective. The final research report structure will like this : Title Content Introduction Analysis and deterioration Conclusions Bibliography Final report will begin after complete this research proposal. According to the report structure,the final report will have analysis and interpretation of the management styles and what is the different between China management styles and western management styles. And will get a conclusion in the end of the report.

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