Choice of Final Products and Ingredients

Published: 2021-07-01 07:24:04
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For my final product I have chosen to make Pork and Apple Turnovers as in Objective three they proved to best meet my specifications and appealed the most to my target audience. In this objective I modified my choice of product and have added more fruit to the final product so as it can best fit with my brief and encourage people to eat more fruit This table on the next page will show the ingredients that I will be using in my final product with reasons why. I have also added a table to show what equipment I will be using and why.

Pork sausage meat

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Plain white flour
Salt and pepper

This ingredient was for the flavour of my turnover. It created the odour of the final product and gave the appearance of the filling.
Adds colour and texture to the product and providing it with a sweet odour. I chose apple as it was a popular fruit for my target group and I need to encourage them to consume more fruit. Adds a contrasting taste to the product and gives the product a better texture. Flour is used in this product to help bulk the mixture and give it texture. This is used as a shortening agent to create the 'shortcrust pastry'. This particular ingredient will help to make the pastry crisp and crumbly in texture. Water was used in this product to help bind the ingredients together in both the flour and the filling.
Used to add flavour to the product which contrasts to that of pork, apple or onion.

Basic seasoning.
Food processor
Weighing scales

Use to accurately cut the apple and onion and ensure pieces are small. To ensure the continuity of textures so as the filling has a constant taste with each bite. Used for the mixing of ingredients such as the pastry mixture and the initial mixing of the filling. Used to cook the product at the end of mixing both parts of the making process and once it has all come together. Used so able to accurately weigh out each individual ingredient so as the final outcome is to the best of my potential. Products and ingredients are cooked thoroughly.
To ensure the killing of bacteria and to avoid the spoilage of the product and under cooking. Use the timer on the oven face to see accurately how long the product has been cooking for. Look to see if the food is not burnt. Set the ovens to the correct temperature/ Ensure that all coatings are taken of the sausage meat. Plastic is a choking hazard, to ensure quality. Look to see if the covering has been completely taken off Ingredients are of the highest quality. To ensure quality and longer shelf-life. Buy the ingredients from approved retailers who are well known for their high quality food products, preferably the day before. Check to see that the ingredients are of high quality.

Apple and onion chopped to a suitable and uniform size.
To ensure constant texture in the product and quality
Look and compare chopped pieces
Weighing and measuring
To ensure that the correct proportions of ingredients are used.
Use accurate scales and measuring jug.
Cooked and raw meat are kept separate
To ensure cross-contamination does not occur.
Clean each surface thoroughly after each stage and use clean or different utensils for each stage.
Circumference and weight of final product is accurate within each product
To ensure equal quality in each product.
Measure the circumference and weight accurately
No foreign bodies are able to enter the product.
To decrease the risk of cross contamination and the growth of bacteria
Look to see if any large pieces can be spotted
In manufacture packaging is sealed
To avoid contamination
Spotters on the production line to check for the problems.

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