Coca Cola and Innocent: an Innocent Partnership?

Published: 2021-07-01 07:25:22
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This paper, alma to discuss and discover what brought Peeps- Co organization Interest upon a company that In appearance Is at their antipode. Coca-Cola and Innocent: what interest? It is public knowledge that the beverage giant Pepsi- co had their shares of scandals and marketing mishaps as already discussed during our week 2 assignment. A market segment whew re the organization is lacking presence and weight is the healthy segment and the image of "Innocence" is absent from the corporation brand.
The Innocent company Brand image Is strong, co marred to competitor In salary market segments, due to the name strength which Implies In m y opinion, strong ethics, transparency and stakeholders respect. Coca cola, In perennial competition with Pepsi- co. Tries to gain market advantage, further eroded after the Pepsi "agreement to distribute Tamping Plus fruit- flavored beverage" (Beverage Industry, 2010).
The acquisition of Interests in a Company such as Innocent (The Guardian, 200 & Beverage Industry, 2010) could prove an interesting market entry for the soft drinks giant as we shall not forget Coca- Cola failed attempt to enter the European healthy drinks market. Since then the "company has tried to Improve its UK Image.

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