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Published: 2021-07-01 08:06:03
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Decision Tree Portfolio1 Decision Tree Portfolio Psy 410 Kathleen McCabe University of Phoenix January 21, 2012 Lara Ashbaugh Decision Tree Portfolio2 The Portfolio for my Decision Tree is concerning a residential fire. The first place that would be called is 911. The dispatchers in our area immediately contact the local and closest fire station(s) to respond. The following takes place after 911 has been called. The 911 dispatchers contact the police and fire departments arrive, the firefighters ensure the house has been vacated and all residents have been accounted for.
If the family has pets they are accounted for as well, if possible. The first responders assist with contacting other agencies to find shelter for the family. One of our local agencies is The Community Action Partnership which can secure shelter for the evening and longer, provide clothing, food, medications, and hygiene supplies. Health and welfare services are contacted which include emergency health care and emergency funds. If medical evaluations are necessary the support systems will ensure that the victims are taken to the hospital for care. What is the best way to access the organization’s services? The first responders are contacted through 911. The Community Action Partnership 1910 Industrial Way Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815 208-664-8757 * Is this the best number to call? Yes * What are the extents of the services offered? The Community Action Partnership (CAP) offers food through a food bank and for emergencies; they offer clothing, can assist with emergency medications and medical treatment and contact shelters for housing. * What are the criteria for clients to receive these services? Who is eligible?
Community Action Partnership assists anyone in the community who meets the federal low income guidelines. However, they have emergency funds and staff to assist in emergencies such as fire. In the case of an emergency anyone qualifies for their assistance. * How does the organization provide continuity of care to clients? The staff at the Community Action Partnership supervises their clients until the crisis is over. If the family of fire needs assistance for a month, the agency ensure they maintain shelter and food until their insurance company or another means is providing for them. What additional services will be available or offered to clients once they become involved with this organization? Once involved with CAP the clients only needs to sign a form verifying that the help is still necessary. Once the assistance is not needed the client simply lets the agency know and they are listed as inactive in the database. * Will you be able to have contact with your clients once they are involved with this service/organization? As long as the clients sign a release allowing me to contact CAP, then any other providers can contact them for information or to help assist the family. What is the organization’s policy on client follow-up? CAP follows up daily in the event of a fire until the family is secure with new home plans. If a client needs daily contact they will do so, they will also contact weekly, monthly is necessary. * What role do you or your agency play in responding to emergencies? The CAP plays a large role in assisting the community with emergencies. We provide as much assistance as is necessary and ensure no one goes without.

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