Difference Between Your Mother and Your Grandmother

Published: 2021-07-01 07:53:13
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Difference between Your Mother and Grandmother ‘Grandma’, a word which fills you with emotion as soon as you hear it. She is a person who would go over the top to fight for you. Be it her own son, or even her soulmate, she would fight with anybody to defend you. Even if you’re wrong, even if you hurt her, she would be good to you no matter what. Your mom, for once, might hit you, scold you, but your grandma would never do that. Mothers have the household to look after, but you; believe me, you mean the world to your grandma.
She, being elder to your mom, has several stories to share with you, her own life experiences as well, though some turn out to be boring, I bet you’d enjoy most of them. She’d even make false promises, like if you’d make a mistake, she’d stand by your side, saying, “Oh, he’s just a kid. Forgive him this time, he’ll never do it again,” to the person who’s scolding you. She’d blame herself for your mistakes, saving you from the trouble, and being in soup herself. But despite all this, grandmothers are believed to spoil children.
Parents often shout at them for giving so much of ‘unconditional’ love and all they do is listen, without a word. Now, I’d like to share my personal experience. My grandma was a talented and well-educated lady. We’d often sit and gossip about stuff, and play cards with each other. I also enjoyed her company. She, till class VII, was my teacher as well. All I am today is because of her. Everybody asked me to take tuitions at home, but I refused every time because she was more of a friend to me, than a teacher.

Being the oldest woman in the family, she was in charge of all the money matters of the house. She used to keep some change in her purse, which always ended up in my pocket. Though dad often asked her not to give me so much of money, she used to agree, but I somehow managed to butter her up and get the notes and she also could not say ‘no’ to me, and was ready to give me whatever I wanted, as and when demanded. I cannot recollect a single occasion when she did not pay me. But due to her old age, her health was deteriorating for some time now.
She was undergoing depression for the past seven-eight months and finally, she left for heaven earlier this year. In the end, I’d like to tell my fellow classmates who still have their grandparents with them that guys, you’re lucky to have such great people in your life. Respect them, and spend time with them. I wish I had practiced what I’m preaching because when on the bed, she used to call me, but all I did was giving a silly reason continuing to enjoy my own life and I still regret it. I wish I could thank her for all she did for me, but life is not always the way you want it to be.

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