Gia and Her Life

Published: 2021-07-01 08:00:14
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Gia Marie Carangi is a gorgeous Philadelphia native who arrives in New York City to become a model and immediately makes an impression on a very high profiled agent by the name of Wilhelmina Cooper. In the movie Gia’s sexual identity is not identified by her. She never comes out directly and states I’m a lesbian or bisexual. Even though she never had sex with a man, she never said that she wasn’t attractive to men. Gia was very open minded and was always willing to explore her sexuality. Throughout the movie growing up she was finding herself while meeting a woman by the name of Linda who at the time they met was involved with a man.
Gia really loved Linda but in the beginning Linda would always push her away which fueled her drug addiction. Linda was bisexual and in the beginning had issues with it because Gia was the first woman she ever been with but Linda also fell in love with her in time. Gia was feminine but at times could be very aggressive and had some boyish qualities about her to me that stood out. Her looks which made her one of the top female models back in the 70’s had male and females in awe of her beauty. Gia had a uniqueness about her that made her different from everybody else which elevated her into the star she was destined to become.
Her beauty was like a gift and a curse because it got her to places she never dreamed of going, yet the curse for some could be that people only looked at the outer beauty and cared less what was on the inside. Gia finally realized that Linda was the only one that was there for her and she thanked her for that while photographers and other people surrounding her just saw her as a face that could make money and could care less if she couldn’t speak because they didn’t want her to open her mouth just look beautiful.

Gia was very erotic and adventourous which did capture the interests of others to her and she portrayed that well on camera which the photographer loved! The movie takes place in the late 1970’s and around that time was the term “sexual liberation” or “free love” with millions of young people embracing the hippie ethos and preaching the power of love and the beauty of sex as a natural part of life.
Sex was experimented openly in and outside of marriage and around the 80’s is when free love ended abruptly because that’s when the public became aware of AIDS. Sex and drugs was one of the main components that surrounded her and by being in the entertainment industry that always came with the territory some did it more than others but in Gias case the drugs took over her life at one point sharing needles which later on is found out how she contracted AIDS.

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