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Published: 2021-07-01 07:32:44
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Factors Wal-Mart Store’s Internal and External Strategic Position were culled and arranged according to Financial Strength, Competitive Advantage, External Stability and Industry Strength. Wal-Mart Store manifests a financial strength mark of 3. 5. This score is already above average and what can be attributed to this is the continuous ability of the company market and expand; at the same time also gain revenue and profit amidst the competitive setup in the retail industry.
Concerning the company’s industry strength, it has a strong potential to grow its market due to the plans of the firm for 2008 and the expanding Indian retail market. Wal-Mart can derive its competitive advantage from these areas: strong US market and ability to market its line of products and brands. It has shown to have an above average performance in these areas. This only suggests that it ought to look for an aggressive market penetration and development.
The angle of the vector also gives the sign that Wal-Mart bcg matrix is competing well in a high-growth industry.  A: Wal-Mart Store B: Carrefour C: Best Buy The Boston Consulting Group Matrix is arranged according to four factors which are given the names as Stars, Question Marks, Cash Cows and Dogs. Stars means a company enjoys a high grow rate and big market share.

Question Marks, on the other hand, means that a company is growing but has a low market share. Cash Cows equates to a firm that has low growth rate but a rather high market share. Lastly, Dogs equals to an establishment that has low growth rate and at the same time low share in the market. Based on the Boston Consulting Group Matrix shown above, Wal-Mart Store when put side by side with its two leading competitors is having a relative high growth and huge share of the market simultaneously.
This can be equated as to mean that that the business of the store has the potential to generate cash for it to enable to gain a self-sustaining operation for a long period of time. The Internal-External (IE) strategy Matrix is constructed according to the capacity of the firm to grow basing from the scores that it gets from its Internal and External Factor Matrixes. The table’s nine segments represent as to where both the grades of the company concerning the previous matrixes belongs.
Similar to what the BCG strategy Matrix manifests, the company of Wal-Mart Store should try to expand its services in the retail market. The IE strategy Matrix tells the giant store to continue to grow and at the same time build and expand. What this means is that the firm has to follow a path of growth where it can build other sources of revenue. The company is successful in gaining favorable high scores in its external and internal evaluation factors matrixes. This only suggests that the establishment should venture into other means by which it can make the organization bigger and better.

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