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Published: 2021-07-01 07:46:24
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Are your children stressed out, not getting enough sleep, time with family, or other time for their extracurricular activities because their amount of homework? Many people are debating about the homework policy. “Are the teachers giving too much homework, just the right amount, or to little? ” I think that students should receive a limited amount of homework each school day. Other parents may disagree and think, “Homework is important. It helps educate them. ”
If students have a limited amount of homework, they would have less stress and more free time for other activities. When students receive too many homework assignments and are forced to stay up late to complete them, they have to stay up late which effects their sleeping hours and routines. An example is my sister’s homework. She is a high school student in her sophomore year. Every day, after school, she goes to her room and works on her homework until about 12am to 1am.
Students who have to do this will be tired for the next day of school. Also, during that night of homework they go through, they receive great amounts of stress of trying to finish to sleep in the hours they are required to, but at the same time they want to achieve quality work on their assignments. They need free time for other activities without homework getting in the way. Kids should be able to play for about a couple of hours for health reasons. On the other hand, homework helps review the lesson of that day and exercises your.

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