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Published: 2021-07-01 08:01:28
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The hospitality industry is one area where a large number of managers and chefs have become entrepreneurs and successful owners of their own businesses. Being a futuristic person I handle things with great patience, which is the main positive sign that strongly relates me to this esteemed industry. A constant learning process would lead me to improvise on the professional skills required to survive in this field.
Over the years, I see potentials for learning in every situation I find myself. The greatest motivation for me in applying for the Advance Diploma program in 'hospitality and tourism operations management' is the opportunity it presents me to get exposed to the travel and tourism sector which is highly associated with the hospitality industry. This sector has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has promising growth potential.
I believe that this Advance Diploma course will help me to achieve my ultimate goal, which is to develop myself to establish a career as a manager of a big concern or become an entrepreneur. To fulfill this goal however, I must develop my knowledge required to pilot major problems in this industry and learn to solve complex issues through an integrated approach. The hotelier must have a love for humanity, for humans show their worst side when they are tired and hungry.

Being gracious to guests as well as to associates, shows a mastery of the art of hospitality. All these positive efforts had given me great exposure to the core areas of management in terms of all the four major departments - food and beverage, front office, food production and housekeeping to run and expand hotel business in this competitive world you need to have thorough knowledge of management as well. It will be an interesting work place where each day offers new challenges with never a dull moment, thereby making it extremely enjoyable.
The industry offers a well rounded personality development for the individual and although there is glamour and show business, there are also a lot of hard work and long hours as well. I have demonstrated capacity and a unique ability in me to thrive in the midst of challenges. I believe this attitude would be of help particularly when real-life work challenges are presented and discussed. MY AIM: Business has come to me from my family. It has always fascinated me from my childhood.
It’s my dream as well as aim too to open a chain of restaurants in famous cities at the world level as because working at 5-star hotels, luxurious resorts, restaurants, clubs, on cruise lines, and more are always there in my imagination of work. And hence to full fill my objective and to quench my thirst for knowledge, diploma studies in hotel management will definitely help me keep up-to-date with the fast moving world. PREFERENCE FOR HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT: Keen interest in hotel management right from my teen age inspired me to develop my career for the same.
The Diploma in hospitality management course taught at Georgian College, Canada, which provides a launch pad for progression to the hotel and resort Business in India. All business is competitive; companies and organization are striving to maximize the return on the application of their limited resources. To make more profit, to gain market share or to position themselves as being the no. 1 company in their field, whatever their objectives they will only be achieved by the application of sound management. PREFERENCE FOR CANADA:
The world of today, as we know is a tough world Expertise and specialization are of great demands in today’s era of competition. International exposure, study in depth and practical experience in the field of hotel management are the most important factors for a student’s career and above all education from developed and advance country in the world, where the latest and most advance equipment facilities and opportunities for learning and acquiring detailed knowledge in a systematic way are available, which is not the case in other country.
I feel CANADA is the pioneer and best place to full fill this requirement as all the latest trends are almost always seen emerging from this part of the globe and the rest of the world seems to follow suit, main view of the aforesaid background, I have found the course at Georgian college most existing, interesting and ideally suited to my requirements and ambitions. I look forward to have a meaningful tenure, which would help me launch a successful career.
To conclude with a wide range of interests but definite goals, I am attracted to the advance diploma program at Georgian College which would suit me well and offer me perfect academic environment. It would be a great privilege if I am granted the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies at your reputed institution and I am quite confident that I will match the high standards set by your college.

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