How to Analyze That Problem.

Published: 2021-07-01 07:25:34
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Case 02: How to Analyze That Problem? 1. What Is your decision? I have formulated the following decisions after delightfulness all the relevant facts revealed with the help of the Scheduling Supervisor, Joyce Lane, during the said meeting: * For the succeeding operations, the production department must stick to the steel which contains the old formula of alloy since the one with the new formula of alloy has an effect on the Panther panels, thus, making them burred.
The objectives of the company about the welfare of its employees must be cleared to them so that they may be encouraged to work harder and stop from doubting the intentions of the company, thus, learn to trust the company's interests. * The issue between Farrell and Valentine must be put to an end to prevent such from leading into a more serious problem. Farrell must be reprimanded for not informing Cogging first about his concerns before suspending Valentine. Also, Valentine must be ordered to come jack to work since there Is no proof about him being accused of drinking on the Job, In the first place. . Who will Implement your decision? The shift to the steel which contains the old formula of alloy and the outsourcing of products will be implemented by Robert Polk as the Production Chief and Ben Peters as the Quality Control Manager together with the men in the lines where Panther panels are being produced. * The gathering of employees and resolution of the conflict involving Farrell and Valentine will be headed by Cogging, the Industrial Relations Manager. 3. What measures will you put in place so that the problem will not recur?
The Internal control of the company regarding the purchase of raw materials Is poor. If new materials will be employed In the future, there must be tests or examinations to be performed first to know the changes that may occur as well as materials. * A system of quality control which pertains to policies and procedures to be taken into consideration by each and everyone composing the whole entity must be established and highlighted, especially such policies and procedures which focus on ethical requirements, to prevent future conflicts between them.

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