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Published: 2021-07-01 08:05:04
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Dear Ms. xxxxxx: As all Rite Aid policies, please consider this letter a formal complaint against Mrs. Maria Mejia for intimidation along with failing to pay proper wages. First and foremost, my name is blah blah and I was hired on December xx, 20xx as a supervisor at store # 1234. I am writing to express my disappointment with the company. I started with a high desire to work for a company that offered a high principle of ethics, honor, and respect for its employees. Now a little over two months later I am presenting my resignation.
Unfortunately I was placed in a store that is very unorganized and not properly managed. Approximately three weeks after being hired I was given the responsibility of closing without the proper tools to do so. Yet, I ensured the daily tasks were completed to the best of my ability. Still, Mrs. xxx was rarely pleased with the outcome. On several occasions while she was instructing me of my duties she would use terms like “you better”, and also she would remind me that I was on a 90-day probation.
I considered it unprofessional for her to use such phrases to intimidate me. I felt as if she was insinuating that she had control over me and she had the authority to fire me when she pleased. While giving orders her tone of voice was rarely polite. Mrs. Mejia has a recording of a discussion both her and I had, where she is giving me feedback and advise about my responsibilities, that day she was actually very courteous and polite. Though majority of the time while approaching her employees she tends to be very demanding.

Most employees at this store would agree that they are unappreciated by her, and their accomplishments are almost never acknowledged. It is difficult to work with such an insatiable manager. Also, during the hiring process I was told that as a supervisor I was guaranteed 35 to 40 hours a week, the first two or three weeks there was no problem, however as I gained experience and more responsibility my hours were cut down to 25 hours a week. When I asked her if there was a reason why, she simply claimed that she has no payroll to ay for more hours. However certain non-management employees were give 40 hours or more. Constantly Mrs. Maria Mejia requests employees to come in on their days off or before their scheduled time due to her lack of organization and responsibility. On several occasions that included January 19, 2013 and January 29, 2013, I was asked to work without a lunch and I would be paid a lunch premium. To this date I have worked about 4 shifts without a lunch break and have only been paid one lunch premium.
I have been employed by Rite Aid for about over two months now and have not received my system log in, which causes me not being able to provide manager approvals and overrides for the employees. As a supervisor I am also aware that it is unlawful to have employees work of the clock, still Mrs. Mejia would ask me to have the employees work off the clock and she would fix their clock-in at a later time. Ms. Jxxxx Nxxxx and Mr. xxxx xxxxx have also witnessed the irresponsibility portrayed by the manager. On February 14, 2013 The aforementioned incidents have brought me mental anxiety, which has forced me to resign to my position.
It is my opinion such behavior does not conform to Rite Aid policies of appropriate workplace behavior as set out in the company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. I feel violated by Mrs. Mejia’s behavior and believe that I have been mistreated. I am aware that lodging a complaint against Mrs. Maria Mejia will require a formal investigation and I am prepared to participate as needed. I appreciate your time and I apologize for the length of this letter, however I felt the need to express my uncomfortable experience.

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