Is Joko Widodo a Good Leader?

Published: 2021-07-01 08:54:15
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Joko Widodo or better known by his nickname Jokowi is a politician in Indonesia and the current Governor of Jakarta period 2012 until 2017. Jokowi graduated with an engineering degree from the Faculty of Forestry at Gadjah Mada University in 1985. He was as the Mayor of Sukarta on period 2005 until 2012, before him currently being a Governor of Jakata. He was nominated in the Indonesian Democratic Party-Struggle to run in the Governor election of Jakarta 2012 with his running mate Basuki Tjahaja Purnama.
He was elected as Governor of Jakarta on 20 September 2012 after a second round of voting in which he defeated incumbent previous Governor of Jakarta Fauzi Bowo. While running for the office of mayor of Surakarta, many doubted the ability of a man who worked as a property and furniture businessman, but after a year in office, he successfully led many progressive breakthroughs which became widely praised nationally. He adopted the development framework of European cities (which he frequently traveled to as a businessman) into his own city of Surakarta.
Bases on Wikipedia, Joko Widodo was chosen by the Tempo magazine as one of the 'Top 10 Indonesian Mayors of 2008'. In 2011, he was awarded the Bintang Jasa Utama by the government. The next year, he received 3rd place of the 2012 World Mayor Prize for "Transforming a crime-ridden city into a regional center for art and culture and an attractive city to tourists". Jokowi has vision and mission to lead Jakarta and solve all the problem that is not the simple problem, but very complicated and complex. Jakarta is a big city and also has a big population. Governor of Jakarta is just as a political leader, but also to mange this city.

Jakarta has some problem such as traffic and also floods if there is heavy rain and still many problem that have to solve by a leader. Jokowi’s vision is to make new face Jakarta, neat modern city and also humane, with leadership and good government and also serve the residents. To realize that vision, he also make some mission, that are five and one of that is make Jakarta as a city that is free from chronic problems such as traffic jams, floods, slums, waste and others. And then some work plan of Jokowi to make green areas to decrease the floods and also the reservoir to relocate rainwater.
And also he will increase the public transportation that environmentally friendly, to decrease private transport users and would switch to use public transport and then more efficient and safe. For the conclusion, I think he is a good leader for Jakarta even several problems in Jakarta still not solve yet by him, but he still try to solve. As we know, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, the problems is not only one but so many problems. He should manage Jakarta to be a neat modern city and also he visited flood victims when the big flood in Jakarta for several times. That is to show his responsibility as the Governor of Jakarta.

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