Langston Hughes Theme for English B

Published: 2021-07-01 08:36:02
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Langston Hughes “Theme for English B,” was written in part of an assignment given to Hughes from his college instructor. The instructor said, “Go home and write a page tonight. And let that page come out of you-Then, it will be true” (Hughes lines 2-5). Hughes viewed his assignment as expressing how he felted in the moment. He starts his paper by describing his journey from Durham, then to Harlem, where he is the only African American in his college class.
At the same time, he outlines his walk from Harlem to his room. Later, Hughes expressed that at age twenty-two, his likes and interest was not much different from other races. Hughes then expresses his feelings toward connection. He says, “Yet a part of me, as I am a part of you. That’s American. Sometimes perhaps you don’t want to be a part of me. Nor do I often want to be a part of you” (32-35). This expresses how he views different races in America.
He views other races as being a part of one another because of the connection to the American life style. Basically, he is saying that because he and whites is American, they are connected through the way of American living, but at the same time, he expresses how the connection is not wanted or favored. Hughes ends his paper saying, “I guess you learn from me-although you’re older-and white-and somewhat more free” (37-39). Expressing that, even though the whites have more rights then him, they still influence him and vice versa.

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