The Life of John Lennon

Published: 2021-07-01 08:13:14
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The Beatles was one of the greatest rock and roll bands that have infiltrated the music industry by storm. Their music have been a legacy throughout the history of music and the four members namely: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison have all achieved the superstar celebrity status. In 1965, the accomplishments of the Beatles exceeded the expectations of Lennon because during this time they were able to conquer the US, UK and the whole world (Henke 4). Then, later on 1968, The Beatles launched their own record company, Apple.
They called it “Western Communism,” an effort to free themselves from the heavy hand of corporate domination, to gain autonomy for themselves as artist. They also hoped to bring promising artists into Apple and to make experimental music. At the beginning it seemed as if the Beatles might succeed. It also seemed as if Apple could easily deteriorate into the biggest institution of hip capitalism, in which the Beatles gained nothing except the profits from the sale of their records, profits that Capitol have previously held. Wiener 73)
Among the four Beatles, Lennon’s life and achievements have been the most controversial. His beliefs, philosophies, music and experiences were able to mould him in becoming one of the most influential people in the world during his times. As a celebrity, he advocated many causes and disclosed many sentiments about politics. He said that the government does not represent the people, instead they control them (Coleman). Moreover, in an interview, Lennon disclosed that he is the “laziest person in England...

I don’t mind writing... or speaking bust sex is the only physical thing that I can be bother with any more” (Cleave). However, Lennon’s life was cut short when he was assassinated by a fan on December 8, 1980. His killer, Mark David Chapman, was convicted of murder nd was given a sentence 20 years in prison. Chapman applied several times for parole but he was always declined by the New York State Board of Parole (CBS Interactive).

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