A Long awaited Holiday

Published: 2021-07-01 07:57:51
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Gary Duckworth is the name he always was proud of. Listening to the alarm he opened his eyes, waking up to the bright sunny day ahead. He was more than happy to have the day off today as it was a business day for most of the world around. It was such an inner twist in which he was assigned to meet Miss. Siena for an interview. He has set everything ready at the office for him to be away from the desk. Gary came to the living room, his hands ached very energetic from the work out he had for his biceps last evening.
Spending time at the gym was something he always longed for. He just flexed his biceps to have a look at them in the mirror and was extremely happy with the huge budges. He enjoyed the caresses of admiring curious eyes along with words and phrases of admiration as he move about in the crowed. He went to the phone and dialed the number of Siena; he needed to conform once again that she would be available at 9. 30 in the morning at parker’s office in down town Manhattan. Parker’s office is in one World Trade Centre on 95th floor.
He has been there quiet few times, always with Siena. The thought of Siena made him glad and gave him a sense of fulfillment. The relationship which has started as just a friendship very soon found itself with a lot of new meanings. Very soon both couldn’t help seeing each other and started to miss each other more than anything. As their romantic life grew Siena grew towards being an organization than a person in the music industry. Gary chose the best attire he always thought was the white shirt with black pants and the suite.

He took the train to down town Manhattan. The train ride was rather calm and easy. Very few souls were found seated in the train as it was already past the rush hour. In about twenty minutes he would be at John street subway station and can walk over to the world trade centre. 2 He was walking out of the John street station when he thought of the day ahead though it was an official meeting the rest of the day e is going to be with Siena, he was going to make sure that this is going to be a holiday in all its sense.
He was walking up the stairs when he noticed that all the people out at the street were looking upward in shock or rather in curiosity. He came out and found one of the twine towers were on fire. The first thing came to his mind was that there might be an arsenal accident in one of the offices. He did not want to waist the time standing on the ground and watching the fire. He wanted to go fast and meet Siena as soon as possible. She might be worried. He heard some one saying ‘might have been an accident’; it made no sense again to ask what is it.
As he walked, there was the big bang, the earth shook, Gary just could not realize what was it but he could recognize the roar of people following the big noise and he could make out some thing from the crowed that ‘it is on purpose’…… ‘some on is doing it’…… ‘they are targeting us’. Who are they? Gary never knew. It was not the safest and joyful downtown any more. Gary in no time found himself in a Warfield of innocent civilians running for life not knowing in the concrete jungles where to hide.
Gary became one of them in number, ran for his life and stumped up on some thing soft…wasn’t it a girl fallen on the street ……. ho knows. Run, run and run with the crowds. The objects with fire are flowing from the towers, wind taking them all around even worse that is targeting us? What are they doing? Do they want me to be dead? Who do the want to terminate? What are they up to? Will there be yet another explosion and one of these high raisers may fall on me too? My God where is Siena? He looked up to the burning towers and saw the birds flying out from there but those black and white birds did not fly off. Rather just shot themselves down and splashed on the floor in red. He needed answers where is ….?

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