Look Back in Anger Essays: Choose an Original Essay Topic

Published: 2021-07-01 08:16:55
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Look Back in Anger is an outstanding play by John Osborne that will hardly leave any reader indifferent. Thus, writing about this play can be as interesting as reading it. Consider our recommendations on writing Look Back in Anger essays.
To write a good Look Back in Anger essay, you need to choose a narrow topic. This will help you to avoid making your writing too general and boring. Focus on a specific question about the play and answer it. Below, you can find our sample topics for Look Back in Anger essays that illustrate all said above.
Look Back in Anger Essays: Topic 1. Jimmy Porter, an Eminent Victorian

“I suppose he’s what you’d call an Eminent Victorian”, says Alison about Jimmy. In your Look Back in Anger essay, try to explain what the expression “Eminent Victorian” means and why Alison uses it when talking about Jimmy.
Look Back in Anger Essays: Topic 2. Alison and Helena, Two Loving Women
In your Look Back in Anger essay, try to analyze the essence of love that Alison and Helena to Jimmy. Explain which Jimmy’s traits (or some other things) awakened both ladies’ feelings.
Look Back in Anger Essays: Topic 3. What Is Waiting Jimmy and Alison
After you have read the whole play, try to use your imagination and to continue the story of Alison and Jimmy. The author does not give us a straight answer about their future; thus, you can express your opinion in your Look Back in Anger essay.
After you have come up with a Look Back in Anger essay topic, work with the text of the play once again in order to find good quotations that will help you to express your ideas.

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