Loss of Opportunity for Higher Education

Published: 2021-07-01 07:50:03
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A profession that most of us choose to follow will vary in many ways. Most people would follow a path that would entail penetrating the business world, while some would focus on other undertakings that include government related duties, medical professions and legal professions.  In my case, initially pursuing a career by defending and serving the country through using service for the flag by offering labor and passion for the country were my initial steps. Many people view joining the military as a waste of time, but in my case, serving the flag above anything else was main prerogative.
This is perhaps one reason that what many would call as a deprivation of gaining higher education and exploring other opportunities that can eventually help out my tenure of service towards my country. Military occupations are known to end somewhere along the line and once this happens, a secure future may not be clear when it comes to depending on pensions as the main source of living later on.
The basic business knowledge, strategies and management styles are definitely something that is not present or available at this time. While I am serving my country, participating in the on-going crisis that needs my attention, the desire and need to gain the necessary business knowledge needs more time to focus on. Being said, such events prevent me from attending to the needs of my family and dependents. Education is a very important investment, a choice that I had foregone, but given the opportunity to grab a decent education at any point will surely be something that I will not allow to pass.

Such has become a hindrance in allowing my wife to gain better ground as far as opportunities. Understanding my current profession is not so easy to do. While I would have avoided the matter had I been chosen to pursue a degree of relative education, then perhaps this matter of attaining the proper educational level instead of serving my country was the purpose I had undoubtedly chosen.
While there are no regrets on my part for being where I am now, the opportunity lost is quite devastating as people would consider it. Providing a better future for my family was evidently set aside, and this is something that was a gamble on my part as far as life’s decisions are concerned. Taking the initiative of placing my country in lieu of my personal security for me and my family is clearly something that will deprive me of planning and preparing for the future once I have ended my years of service. However, hope still floats and even though time is a key element in investing in education has been lost, pardon or assistance to my dependents is something that I am really praying for.
Due consideration in exchange for placing practically my life for a country I love dearly in exchange for the security and future of my wife and dependents is the only recourse I see to offset the loss from the educational benefits I have given up. But once time permits, pursuing education to whichever level suitable and to my abilities will remain to be my battle cry. There is no turning back to where I am now, but only time to adjust and look forward to being given the chance to undertake new and different challenges and seek education upon the remaining educational opportunity once given and allowed.

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