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Arranged marriage is happen a lot over seas in the western area, not so much in the United States. There is an article that is called “I’m Happy with an Arranged Marriage” by Gitangeli Sapra. In this article she discusses her view of arranged marriages. Ms. Gitangeli approves of arranged marriage, it is stated that people who get married for “love” has a 40% rate of divorce. She also states that arranged marriages have a lower rate of divorce for the fact that the couples do not want to start a wrath between their families. Is arranged marriage right or wrong?
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I disagree with arranged marriage; I believe that families should not have the right to set up their children with who they think best suits their child. I believe marriage is about two people who love, support and respect each other. I personally would not prefer my parents to set me up with someone who they think is a good match for me, because I have different standards then they do and I have a different idea of who the type of person I would like to spend my time with. Parents want to see their children with successful spouses and who they think are a good person.
If parents were to choose who they want their child to marry then they will be too involved in the couple’s relationship, so if the relationship is not working out the couple would be too scared to get a divorce because of what their family might do. A lot of countries make arranged marriage mandatory, and some people really do agree with it it are apart of some cultures, but others do not. Fatma Uncon was a twenty year old female who was forced into an arranged marriage, which she did not want. Since she was forced she decided to commit suicide by shooting herself

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