Modelling human decision-making

Published: 2021-07-01 08:04:08
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This paper anchors the development of the simulation modeling the human decision making. Series of project have been made and applied to attest the model mentioned. In specific, the focus of the project is about the process of using simulation and the methods which extracts knowledge about human decision making. One method used is the artificial intelligence method which figures out the decision-making strategies of human. And with this, it made possible to assess performance of the decision makers, who are the target respondents of the project. Moreover, the paper presents results of current projects done and motivational factors that affects the model, Human decision making.
1. Introduction
There were previous studies and investigations made since mid-1990 on how to use and apply the artificial intelligence method as an alternative on the real subject, human decision making, in the simulation. This paper provides related literature that will be useful for present and future projects about simulation of human decision-making.

Starting from an idea generated when attempting to model rail marshalling yards, an artificial example of simulation and expert systems working in collaboration was generated. The ideas were then applied to a real case of maintenance operations at an engine assembly plant. Future work is looking into simulation as a means of knowledge elicitation. The paper briefly describes each of these phases of work and concludes by discussing why it is important to model human decision-making”
Conclusion: Why Model Human Decision Making?
Modeling human decision-making process for the improvement of human decision-making is far more important than the improvement of AI simulators. The development of the human mind is more important because in complex situations, the mind is more reliable and flexible in terms of making decisions. Simulators are mere copies of what the human mind can do, and thus, it is not that flexible in terms of changes.

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