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Published: 2021-07-01 07:45:26
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They are young, energetic and willing to learn from the ground up. For Intermediate technicians. I recommend trade school and trade school graduates. These individuals have more than the basic skill set and have chosen their career path. For senior technicians, I recommend to first look to hire within. These individuals know the business and are familiar with the daily operations and company expectations. Next I would look at advertising in the local paper, internet and Job fairs. B. My recommendation for selecting these Individuals would consist of a rigorous here prong assessment of their skill level.
This would consist of a Job knowledge test, a structured interview and work sample simulations (Desire, 2010) to test the validity of their knowledge. I also recommend background checks and references. C. My recommendation for training would consist of various skill assessments for all levels of employees. This would include new employee orientation for all newly hired employees' regardless of skill level. I recommend that a classroom environment be established so that each level (novice, intermediate and senior) to chive the proper training.
This could ensure that they receive the proper training to any oral, written, and on-the-job training for all certifications. The classroom should have several automobiles for safe and more detailed hands on experience. II. The following are my suggestions for three questions that Ron Brown should Include In a structure EAI Interview Tort experienced technicians. A. "One of our company's biggest challenges is safety. How would you deal with b. "Have you accomplished something you didn't think was possible? " c. "How long would you stay with the company? Ill.

If I were Ron Brown, I would implement the professor's recommendation to start paying for sick days, because of the following: a. The first reason I would implement paying sick days is that safety should be priority one! Both the safety of our employees and that of our customers. An employee could lack the necessary attention to detail if they are on some type of over the counter medication. This could cause some type of accident, either in the shop or with a customer's automobile while it is on the road. This could lead to sever doily injury and potential lawsuits. . Work production could come to a near halt if one contagious employee comes in and contaminates the entire shop. Instead of one employee out, you end up with four-five. C. Due to time constraints to ensure the vehicle get in and out in a timely manner, it is imperative that each employee is working at their Max potential. While 50% production might be better than zero, it means nothing if the work is not done properly. 'V. Ron Brown should implement the professor's skill-based pay plan in its present form, because of the following: .
This would allow for each employee to know where they stand in regards to compensation with their skill set and abilities. This could help motivate employees to acquire more skills; this would intern lift the overall skill set of the shop b. If they are looking for career progression, this would provide them with a clear set of goals for each to strive for. C. If employees know that the possibility for progression is there and is attainable, it could also help cut down on turn-over. V. Ron Brown should not implement the professor's incentive pay plan, because of he following: a.
This could create a divided shop as each team would be in constant competition wilt can toner. You would a nave to ensure Tanat all teams were AT equal strength with the same amount of team members all trained on the same level. This could create a hostile work environment if one team is under staffed or under trained. B. This could promote individuals coming in when sick or not taking the necessary time off that they might need. Again, the safety of the employees and customers should be the priority. C.
There is the appearance on so many different variables that it would be difficult to properly determine if a team has been more productive that another. You have to factor in the type of work done, how labor extensive, time-off for employees, safety and you still have to ensure that each technician still receives the proper training in the proper environment. Employees would be so busy competing for money. This could be a time consuming process that ends up costing more than its worth. Desire, G. (2010). Human Resource Management. New Jersey: Prentice Hill.

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