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The U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land, has been one of the oldest Constitution in the world.  It is also regarded as one of the most stable because up to date there are only twenty-seven amendments done.  Of these twenty-seven, ten were ratified simultaneously while the others were ratified on different dates.  For more than two centuries, only these changes were made.  One reason for this is the rigid procedure of amendments.  The framers of the Constitution saw it fit that it would be better to have a strict and stiff procedure to amend the Constitution so that it will not be used as a tool for politics but rather a guide to a more civilized society.
Due to the strict procedure of amendments, certain provisions in the Constitution constitute an impediment especially to those who aspire on becoming the President of the United States.  Article II provides for the qualification those eligible to run for presidency.  It provides that only natural born citizens are eligible for the presidency.  Due to this provision, many aspiring individuals who are qualified educationally, physically, emotionally are being barred to run for the main reason that they are not natural born citizens of the United States of America.
As such, the natural born clause constitutes as an undue discrimination to citizens who seeks and aspire to be President of the United States of America.  There are some moves that seek to amend the discriminatory provision but such actions prove to be futile due to the strict procedure of amendment.  The natural born clause amounts to a discrimination among the citizens of the country.  This provision should then be amended to accommodate a wide variety of aspirants who are equipped with adequate knowledge and experience to run the government.

The United States of America is undeniably composed of citizens from different culture, race, and ethnicity.  It has a diverse range of people.  From private institutions to government offices, there are different kinds of people that one would encounter.  There is no distinct race in a particular working environment.  Politics did not escape this diversity.  Different personalities hold even critical positions in government.  Although different in race or culture, this does not impair the effective and efficient discharge of their duties.  It does not constitute as a hindrance to interact with other people.
Whether natural born citizen or not is beyond the issue.  Due to this, the natural born clause should not discriminate others.  As written in an article by John Dean, he mentioned that “The "natural born" clause is an inappropriate boundary on a nation built by immigrants, a purposeless limit on the American dream”.  He also added that the natural born clause is totally unnecessary and constitute “political wastage”. The Constitution should then be amended to realize the principle of political equality.
Until the provision on natural born clause is amended, discrimination against non-natural born citizens will continue.  Political equality is one of the best ways to minimize, if not eradicate discrimination.  It could also be used as a tool to unite the differences among races and cultures.  It is a good indication that neither of the races and cultures are superior to the others.
In drafting the Constitution, the framers thought that it would be better for them that the leader that will govern should be a bona fide American, meaning a person who is not only a citizen but should also be natural born.  This is to ensure his or her loyalty to the country and not just being an instrument by a foreign country.  They also do not want any foreign influence on the politics.
This is what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they drafted the provision.  However, they are not really aware about the bigger picture.  Ever since, the history of the United States cannot be separated with foreign elements.  The drafting of the Constitution is even influenced by European ideas and beliefs.  This disproves the mindset of the framers of the Constitution.  We cannot, however, blame them for that idea.  It is the nature of man to preserve the power within the race and culture.  Nevertheless, this creates certain drawbacks especially nowadays when most of the citizens are not natural born.
Another point why the framers put the natural born clause is for the reason to prevent corruption from foreign government.  At first glance, it might seem to be a good point.  However, if we take a look into a deeper analysis, corruption from foreign government play a minor role.  Corruption in the government by foreign government cannot be dissolve, it can only be minimized.  This is the nature of politics.  Different elements come into play and one of which is influence by foreign elements.  As such, the natural born clause only seeks to minimize, if not eliminate the influence by foreign governments.
Considering the abovementioned points, it is submitted that the Constitution, especially the natural born clause, be amended so as to allow other aspiring citizens to become the President of the United States of America.  As long as the aspirant possesses the other qualifications, there should be no other hindrance as to his candidacy in which he does not have any control.  As posited by Jefferson Morley, “eliminating the natural-born clause might expand the presidential talent pool and improve the contest. It would almost certainly foster a more ethnically diverse field of contenders”.
Gathering from that line, it would create more choices to the voters on whom they would want to govern them.  It would also create a more competitive playing field among politicians to show that they truly deserve to be the President.  Being a citizen is a choice, but the place of birth cannot be chosen.  So to eradicate the political inequality, the Constitution should be amended to allow non-natural born citizens a chance to seek candidacy.  As mentioned by Dean, “[t]hese are not accidental Americans; rather, they are people who have chosen this country and its system because they love it and want to be part of it. Foreign-born Americans are often better citizens than those who take it all for granted, and they bring to the body politic the diversity that is our strength”.
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