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Published: 2021-07-01 08:04:31
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Health is an important aspect for the people as this manifests as the foundation of their lives and welfare. Ideally, good health can be maintained through adhering to a strict discipline and a physically nurturing lifestyle. Having proper nutrition, adequate rest, regular exercise and avoidance from vices can lead to a healthy personal development bringing forth longer with a pleasant condition.
Among the three approaches to a healthy living, the aspect of diet and nutrition commonly manifests as the most influential factor as this can significantly affect the general development of the physical body. Healthy body condition can be maintained through adhering through a proper diet even the prevention and resistance to many health ailments such as heart diseases. Indeed, heart diseases are serious problems which must be given sufficient attention as they are mostly life-threatening. One common approach for reducing treatment ad prevention of heart diseases is adhering to a proper diet and nutrition therapy.
Nutrition is mainly taken through eating and drinking. The body extracts the needed vitamins and minerals from the food and water taken in to properly maintain the basic processes vital for a healthy living. In the aspect of treating or preventing heart diseases, the value of the foods taken in terms of vitamins and minerals play much significance.

Naturally, the origin of heart disease also has other factors such as hereditary as determined from the history of the family lineage. For cases wherein a person indeed has history of heart disease cases running down his or her family, the value of the dietary nutrition can have preventive effects to the probability of the development of heart ailments for the said individual.
To further elaborate the significance of the said health recommendation, an actual study health study will be implemented wherein the author of this paper will establish a personal dietary recommendation in relation to his health information. As this author has determined, a significance percentage of heart disease has to be considered, as the problem is present in the family history. As gathered through intrinsic research, the risk factor is associated with the case of the subject’s father dying from a heart attack, which is likely due to high cholesterol level similar to the case of the subject’s grandfather.
Considering the present health status of the subject, there is still no sign of heart disease symptoms and the cholesterol is still regular within the normal level. From these informations, it can be ruled that heart disease in terms of hereditary and congenital nature however, a consideration for precaution is still necessary. Thus, this dietary recommendation project will be significantly focused on the development of preventive approach and maintenance of healthy condition.
In preventing heart disease ailments, it is important to consider the nutritional value of the diet being taken by the subject. In this project, three particular diet elements are highly recommended namely:

emphasize on fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products
inclusion of lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts on the regular diet and
reduction in saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium and, added sugars.

A strict adhesion to these three diet factors is important in the aspect of preventing health ailments as their nutritional benefits are incremental thus aiding the proper development of the body. The health values gain from this diet works mainly in two ways namely first through promoting the development of the body’s health and natural defenses, and second through reducing the likely diet causes of heart problems. It must be noted that cases of high cholesterol level are present in the family background and the likely contributor to the development of the heart problem of the subject’s father, thus, it must this diet recommendation project wishes to emphasize the elimination of this factor.
This health diet project has also considered the said factor through eliminating the food sources of cholesterol. Reduction of cholesterol is addressed through eliminating saturated fats on the diet and focusing more on fruits, vegetables, grains, wheat, and other. Indeed, this diet recommendation eliminates the risk factor determined from family history and promotes the development of a healthy lifestyle for the subject.
To better realize the effect of the recommendations of the mentioned diet project, it is also important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle particularly regular exercise and sufficient rest. In this project, an emphasis on cardiovascular exercises on a regular basis is recommended namely the basic jogging, simple stretching, and brisk walking. This form of exercises develops the capacity and healthy condition of the circulatory system particularly the heart, lung, and blood vessels. In addition, these exercises also promote proper waste removal from the body through perspiration and the maintenance of the cholesterol level.
These exercises must be done at maximum of thrice a week for maintenance purposes. As additional recommendations, exercise done with mechanical assistance such as treadmill and tension bikes is also recommended but not necessary as these will require additional expense for the project. Having sufficient rest periods is also important in this health project. Insufficient rest can reduce the capacity and health of the muscles in the body and this effect has detrimental consequences mainly on the heart organ. Thus, to maintain the benefits from the food recommendations and exercise, proper rest periods ranging within 8 to 10 hours must also be given consideration.
In general, this diet recommendation project is not solely focused on heart diseases as the benefits in this program can also address other health problems. It is a general emphasis on this program to develop a strong and healthy body for its subject through maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle.
By adhering to a nutritious and healthy diet, a regular exercise, and adequate sleep program, the subject can easily improve his or her physical well-being and natural defenses, enabling the subject to prevent numerous health problems particularly heart diseases. Indeed, in the approach of preventing health problems, the primary approach for this aspect is to develop a strong body through a healthy lifestyle throughout his or her life.

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