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Published: 2021-07-01 07:33:43
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Natural Resources – An Issue of Sustainability
Fish Candidates should be able to describe the fishing methods used in both marine and inland waters, including fish farms,  give examples of the fish caught in both marine & inland waters & of the fish reared on fish farms, give examples of the fishing ports on both the Balochistan and Sindh coasts, describe the uses of the fish caught. explain improvements in fishing methods and processing techniques understand the problems facing the fishing industry and evaluate the possibilities for its further development and sustainability.
Question: 2 (May / June 2000) For marine fishing name the main catch and the most important export market for the catch. For inland fishing state where and why fish are caught.

Question: 2(October / November 2002) (a) Study the following. Fish Group 1 – crab, lobster, prawns (jhinga), sardines, shark
Group 2 – hila, mahseer, palla, trout Group 3 – herring, mackerel, sardines, shark Fishing Areas

A – inland fisheries (freshwater)
B – Makran (Balochistan)
Coast C – Indus Delta (Sindh) Coast

In which fishing area are the fish in group 1 caught?
In which fishing area are the fish in group 2 caught?
Describe the fishing industry of the Makran Coast with reference to methods of catching the fish, ports and the uses of the fish caught. Increasingly fish are obtained from fish farms. Describe this method of producing fish. Why are fish so plentiful in the mangroves of the Indus Delta Coast?
Question: 4(October / November 2003) State and explain the main functions of the ports on the Balochistan coast. Why are the ports in Balochistan small?
Question: 3 (May / June 2004) Study Photograph (opposite) which shows part of a fish farm at Faiz, south of Multan. Describe the lay-out and features of the fish farm. How has the physical topography of the area made it easy to construct the ponds?  Where has the material come from that has been used to make the banks of the ponds? Why is fish farming of growing importance in Pakistan? Credit will be given if you name a species of fresh water fish reared on fish farms.
Question: 1 (May / June 2005) The area of mangrove forest has decreased in size in recent years. How and why has this affected the local fisheries?
Question: 4 (May / June 2008) Name two fishing ports on the coast of Balochistan. Name two types of marine fish caught by fishermen. Describe subsistence fishing methods. Explain how these methods can be improved to make fishing commercial. How can fish be stored and processed onshore? Why is fish processing called ‘value-added’? How does the poor infrastructure of Balochistan make development of the Fishing industry difficult? Study Fig. (opposite), a graph comparing the production of marine and inland fisheries in Pakistan. Compare the changes shown in the graph. Explain why more people are employed in inland fisheries than marine fishing.
Question: 2(October / November 2008)  Explain how industries can pollute river and sea water. Explain how this pollution affects fishing.
Question: 1(October / November 2010) Study Fig. (opposite), which shows the weight of marine fish caught 1996–2006. The weight of fish caught in 2006 was less than in 1996. Suggest two reasons for this decrease. Describe how the weight of fish caught changed in the years between 1996 and 2006. Describe how marine fishing methods can be improved. Study Fig. (opposite). With reference to Fig. (opposite), explain the advantages and disadvantages of developing the fishing industry in Pakistan.

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