Proposed a water theme park with a five star resort

Published: 2021-07-01 07:36:40
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The proposal of water theme water with a five star resort built on Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey
The water theme park will be located in Llanddwyn Island, Anglesey. Llanddwyn Island is a small tidal island off the west coast of Anglesey, North Wales. It provides excellent views of Snowdonia and the liyn Peninsula. Access to this island will be by boat or drive through A55 to Anglesey.

The Golden Bench Hotel
This is going to be located around the coast next to the nice sandy white bench. It's going to have 3000 rooms. It has a lot that people can do here and the staff are extremely friendly. Some activity we offer in the hotel:
* tennis count,
* spa
* sonar
* basketball count
* bench party
* clubs for the children , teenagers so the parents can relax on the bench
* Fitness class
* Massage
* Gold course
* Satellite TV
* Beauty Salon
* bar
* coffee shop
* broadband internet
* shuttle bus
The Speedo water theme park
This is going to be the biggest water theme park in Europe. With an area of more than 2000 thousand square meters. The park is divided into 5 separate zones with a different theme which not just only the kids will enjoy it, the elders will as well as the adults. These include: Slide and splash, Aqua land, 7 seas, the big plunge and the Infant Island; this is where the kid's zone is in the water park. It's base on the theme of praties. This is where the shallow pool will be set and there is a family pool where the parents can spend some quality times with their children. Also there is a kid's pool which is especially design for the safety of children under 11. It has many mini water rides that the children will enjoy while the parents can sit back and relax.
The extreme part of the water park has to be the big plunge; this is where all the massive rides are located including the Tornado which there is only four in the world. This is the ride that has taken the world by storm and this will be Europe's first tornado. Riders ride on specially designed four clover leaf tubes that can carry up to four riders. Riders take the plunge into a large fiberglass cone that gives them the experience of being sucked into a tornado. There are more water rides offer to children and parents in this part of the park.
If that's a bit overexciting, why not go to Aqua land zone. This part is more for people that want to relax and calm. Like the lazy river they have offer in this zone, this is the longest lazy river in the world. It's a 1.1kilometer long continuous river in which water moves slowly and continuously. Guests can lie back and relax in the specially designed rubber ring as they float around the river. To add extra excitement to the lazy river, we have a special action river section, which produces one-meter waves. Also we have a huge swimming pool for the people that want to swim and relax. Next to the pool there is a cozy bar where people can have a drink and have convection with their friends.
If that's a bit boring for the teens, why not go to the slide and splash zones. This is where all the rides are situated which guests experience the master blaster. It is a fast moving roller coaster. It takes guests for an incredible ride in a double tubes racing up and down hills for more than 300 meters. Also guests can experience the wizard; this is a fast and furious ride which young people will enjoy. Eight riders will begin the race at the top of the 20 meters towers.
After completing a full circle with high speed, all eight riders will then enter the straight section and race down to the bottom. If that doesn't sound scary enough, why not try the inner tube rides. There are three open waterslides running for 100 meters. Guests start from the top of the fifteen meters hill and rapidly fall through twists and turns to the slash down pool below. They are ride in groups of two on the special designed double rubber ring.
7seas zone is where all the pool is placed; wave pool is one of them. This is going to be the world biggest wave pool which is a wave pool and can also be a pool for boogie boarding. There is ten minutes when the waves are on where guests may swim in the pool or use a tube to surf on the waves. Then there is a relaxation period for the next ten minutes when the waves are off, allowing for calm water swimming to swim. Also the rain fortress is situated in this part of the park. It has various water rides and water activity which it can give endless of fun for all ages. Tipping buckets, water cannons, slides and secret ladders are some of the special features of the Rain Fortress.
The poop view shopping centre
This is going to be build next to the hotel where the guests can just walk through the cover way to enter the shopping complex. There is going to be over 1000 shops in the shopping centre where all the brand names are placed like Chanel, LV, Guggi, Hugo Boss. Also there is a food count which various kinds of food are been sell.
We have a lot to offer to the guest in Kwans resort. Some activity that people may enjoy:
* Special romantic dinner on the bench
* Party every night on the bench for the teenagers
* Activity groups where younger people can have opportunity to do water sport. Also they can have a chance of making new friends.
* Also our hotel have Spa, massage and other activity that guest may enjoy
* There are a casino for people that like to glebe
* Shopping till you fall on the floor
* We have a 15000 seated stadium for live entrainments live a concert or even a football or rugby match
Open hours
Water park- mon-sats 9am till 7pm
-sun 11am till 7pm
Shopping centre -mon- sun 10am-9pm
Casino-open all times
Hotel- standard room �600
Double room �900
Luxury room �1500
Water park entrances child - �100
Adult- �200
Over all I think this is a good project and it's going to create new jobs for people. Not just creating work for people, this is going to raise the tourist attraction because all round Europe people will want to come and take a break after their effect that they put in their jobs.

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