My Reaction to Apollo 13

Published: 2021-07-01 08:45:44
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The movie Apollo13 is great but little kind of boring. Tom Hanks is a great artist! He is my idol. One of his great movie is Forrest Gump. By the way, The Apollo13 is America’s third moon landing mission. En route, an onboard explosion deprives their spacecraft of most of its oxygen supply and electric power, forcing NASA's flight controllers to abort the Moon landing, and turning the mission into a struggle to get the three men home safely. I thought Jim’s wife was his mother. Cause, look to old for me. Just kidding, Well done!
My Reaction to Armageddon
Armageddon is the best movie of all the three that you gave to us Ma’am! There’s a love story and it is based on true story life. At first, All of the scene was so hilarious but then at last, So many lives to sacrifice the tragedy. Only three of crew was survive, the Russian, the Boyfriend, the Insane, the Father Bald. The Russian was so funny when he was going to fix the components, he said “Russia and America has a same components but its made from China”, After that he pupok only then its already fix, and they got home or back to earth. The movie was about A massive meteor shower destroys the Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombards New York City, the East Coast, and Finland. NASA discovers that a Texas-sized asteroid will collide with Earth in 18 days, creating another extinction event. So, they create a team that going explode the asteroid. The mission was successful.

My Reaction to Space Station
The movie was a documentary type, its more fun in the outer space. When I was a child, I love stars and other heavenly bodies etc. I have so many idea with regarding to Space. Tom Cruise is the narrator and main cast in the movie. They show all of equipment and other needs in going to space. They go to the  futuristic laboratory where future technologies are perfected and existing problems solved by a combination of dedication, bravery, and innovation.

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