Saving Someone’s Life As A Heroic Act

Published: 2021-07-01 08:14:16
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Saving someone’s life is always looked upon as a heroic. It is acceptable for society to ridicule us should we choose not to respond? Should society throw shame and guilt on us? If in the process of saving someone’s life we loose ours, we did a heroic act, but is that wise? Saving someone else life is a heroic act and deserve a lot of praise and respect. If one person tries to save the life of another person on the cost of his own life then this is a very noble act. Though in our society there are people of every thought and not everyone will appreciate this act, however, we should not see what people say about it.
When one person is in very difficult situation that it can cost his life, then we should put our all efforts to save the life of a person. It is our moral responsibility as well as brotherhood. We must understand the situation while thinking that suppose if we would be in such a tough and difficult situation we would like someone to come and save us then it is of utmost importance that we should give our full support to such a person. The question that ‘whether we’ll loose our life in saving other person’s life? ’ remains controversial.
As it is not necessary that we will loose ours but of course there are chances that we can loose our own life in an attempt to save other’s life. However, this is the main point of nobility to prefer others over our own self. This is the reason that it is said to be the heroic act. In saving other person’s life society may ridicule us because we took risk of our own life to save other person’s life. But we should always ignore what people say about this. We must not respond to the irritating remarks. Instead, society should always encourage these noble acts and must not blame or throw shame on others.

The real essence of our life is to help out others in all possible circumstances. We must prefer and give value to others over our own-self. Hence, this is not the act of shame, but it is a dignified act and has a noble cause. It is not reasonable that society must ridicule us. In fact, ridiculing such a noble act is itself an act of disgrace. We must have enough courage to think of every individual as an important being. Such act also involves immediate thinking and taking decision to save other person from danger.
If all society will turn to be more self-fish and refrain from saving others in time of danger then this is a dishonor. For example, if we see a car accident and if we see driver can be pulled out of the car before it goes on flames then we must immediately do it. Though it bears the risk that car will blow-off and anyone standing nearby will blow-off too, but refraining to help driver out will be a selfish act. The decision that whether we should risk our lives or whether we should let other person die is an important one.
Nevertheless, the wisdom lies behind the fact that we must put our all efforts to save other person as we might seek when our own life will be in danger. Though it will involve taking risk of our own lives but still we should do our best to save others. This is the act of great generosity and nobility. A dying person always seeks help from others and wants others to save his life. This is our moral duty to save other person. The wisdom behind this act is that we must give preference to others over our own self and secondly we must help others in a way that we seek from others.

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