The short story, Winter Dreams, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Published: 2021-07-01 08:20:34
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In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story “Winter Dreams”, I found a quote from the narrator that emphasizes Dexter’s desires, including Judy Jones:
But do not get the impression, because his winter dreams happened to be concerned at first with musings on the rich, that there was anything merely snobbish in the boy.
He wanted not association with glittering things and glittering people--he wanted the glittering things themselves. Often he reached out for the best without knowing why he wanted it--and sometimes he ran up against the mysterious denials and prohibitions in which life indulges.

Throughout the entire story, Dexter is chasing after desires, or “winter dreams”, that revolve around Judy Jones. It is because of her that Dexter switches jobs and looks for the finer things in life. However, in this quote, it is said that Dexter wanted things without knowing why he wanted them.
This could very well mean that Dexter was unaware of the effect Judy Jones had on him until she was unattainable. Though he knew he thought Judy Jones was beautiful and intriguing, Dexter was unaware that his “crush” on Judy had evolved into a strong lust and desire which convinced him to go after things that are not usually of interest to him. Judy was adventurous and wealthy, two characteristics Dexter did not have at the beginning of the story.
However, after meeting Judy, his attraction to her convinced him to take interest in things that she enjoyed rather than what he enjoyed. He most likely did not realize this was why he was going after new jobs and “glittering things”, so all he knew was that he wanted something different, something more. Dexter also was going after what Judy would want in order to be the suitor that can give Judy what she desires. Dexter’s only desire, his only winter dream, was to obtain Judy Jones and make her happy.
The narrator mentions that Dexter did not go after this glamourous life because he was snobby or stuck up. Dexter goes after this lifestyle in order to reach Judy Jones, marry her, and give her the life she wants. This is a life of adventure and glamour. The narrator makes sure the reader knows that Dexter’s desires and actions are not for his own personal gain nor did his impulsive decisions have anything to do with what the items and people can do for Dexter. It was all for Judy Jones.
It could be assumed that if Judy Jones had been poor or in a completely different social class, Dexter would have done whatever it took to get it her then as well. Her beauty was what drew him in, not her wealth. This is why Dexter took no interest in having the glamour for himself. Every glittering object he wanted— he wanted it all for Judy Jones. However, the narrator mentions that Dexter reached out for “the best”, meaning the best for Judy Jones.
This quote shows how much Judy Jones impacted Dexter’s life without him even knowing it. Her existence dictated Dexter’s decisions, making him a doting, and nearly obsessive, suitor and an occasional lover. However, this was all done subconsciously and Dexter was unware until the end just how much he had done to obtain Judy Jones, a girl he could not keep nor did he ever truly have to begin with. Dexter was able to make a life that so many would want for themselves— a life of wealth and glittering things and people.
However, Dexter did not care for those things for himself and did not know why he even wanted all of the glamour. Dexter’s one dream was to have a life with Judy but Dexter seemed to get everything except her. Dexter ended up with everything Judy Jones ever wanted all because he obtained it all for Judy to have. Dexter gave her everything but ended up without Judy.

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