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Published: 2021-07-01 07:21:47
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Idea objectives For short term (3 to 6 months): 1. Raise an awareness of suppliers and demander: Achieve the number of visitors up to 50,000 views which include both potential suppliers and demander. Lots of student don't know about the concept of 'mall department', they often hire a small house/ floor and stay with other people to share the cost.
In 6 months, we target on 60% student of some of university and college near Nagy©n trip street (Hanoi university, institute of traditional medicine, so on) will know our website then achieve the number of visitors up to 50,000 views . When website become more popular, it will attract student and other worker not only in Than Guan district, but also other places in Ha Noel. On the other hand , we also try to get 10,000 view of potential suppliers who will post or use our website to Introduce "mall department" to customers. . Increase the amount of information (about 15 posts/months) from suppliers. When the number of page view Increase dramatically , people feel trust in our website , they will contact with us to find a Department . Especially when student attend to heir university or collages , the demand Is really high _ A large number of student live in rural areas , they find too difficult to hire a department with the reasonable price but clean and safety .
When they visit our web , if they see that all mini department can deal with these problem , they will want to hire it . When we have a large demand , we need more and more potential suppliers . In 6 months, we try to get 1 post per months from supplier For long-term (more than 5 years): 1. Capture the profit and balance the cost: Our strategy is design to achieve revenue growth of 15% per year for the next five years. It is essential at the time of attracting additional capital for undertaking expansion and modernization measures for our website. 2.

Gain customer's loyalty: Increasing customer loyalty yields big profits over the long haul and creates raving fans that promote our website for free and it is cheaper than finding new customers. Based on that, we design strategies to increase the amount of customers revisit to our website up to 60% (based on counting IP address). 3. Create an online library for people to search apartment for rent In Ha Not by gain to find suitable person who want to live in one department to decrease the cost. E-marketing strategy for idea: We are in the estate industry.
Specifically, we focus on mini department for rent and our business model is broker. Therefore, to compete with other competitor such as controls. Com, Rangoon. Van and so on, we have specific target market is students in Hanoi capital. Our competitive advantage support for what we have said above are : + First-mover for providing information about mini apartment for students in website. + Our website is for only college student in Hanoi while our competitors do not focus on this segment or student in HCI.

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