Should Everyone Undertake University

Published: 2021-07-01 07:48:35
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ASSIGNMENT: REFERENCED ESSAY TITTLE: EDUCATION TOPIC 1: SHOULD EVERYONE BE REQUIRED TO UNDERTAKE A UNIVERSITY EDUCAtion DATE: 6 JANUARY 2013 In modern life, many students choose to enter university or college after they have graduated high school because higher education is a good environment to prepare for their future. However, some others think that it is only one of causes to increase the rate of unemployment, while they just need to follow vocational training or start working to improve their skills.
This essay argues that everyone should be required to undertake a university education because it gives benefit to individuals such as career opportunities with higher earnings and social benefits. One of the main reasons why people should go to university is because it is a personal investment that can improve their life’s quality in the future. In higher education, people not only learn the knowledge from books but they also acquire what they need to know for their future life.
Potter (2006) states that “university graduates also enjoy lots of other non-market benefits, including a lifetime of better mental and physical health, stronger social networks, and higher social status”. Indeed, university education provides many opportunities and benefits. Firstly, higher education provides career opportunities for students because they can get more knowledge and experience for their jobs in the future. Lederer (2010) mentions that university students will have lower unemployment rates in an economic downturn.

This means as job markets are growing up, there are hundreds of applicants for one position in a company so if people do not have a qualification from university or college, it will be hard for them to be accepted. Furthermore, individual income is also strongly related to education attainment. People who graduate higher education may earn more than others so they will have more employer provided health and pension benefits. For example, according to Baum (2007) “the typical bachelor’s degree recipient can expect to earn about 61% more over 40 years working life than the typical high school graduate earning over the same period”.
Some students believe that vocational training might be seen alternative program for university. However, they can still find a good job, their company will require college or university experience if they want to have a higher salary. Finally, higher education is where students build connected networks. They may meet friends and mentors that become a future contact and colleagues from all activities when learning including volunteer work, summer jobs or student organizations. The author in the article “building rapport-establishing bonds” states that developing professional connection is a skill that everyone can learn and can use easily.
They can use it to bring countless opportunities to be successful. Consequently, studying higher education will make more new opportunities for student to have a better life and prepare for their career. Next, undertaking university education is not just benefitcal for individual students but also beneficial to the whole society. People, who have higher learning, will have awareness and responsibility for their life. Firstly, going to university is related to economic advantages of society.
Baum (2007) presents: “higher levels of education lead to both higher of earning for individuals and higher taxes revenues for federal, state, and local governments”. University graduates not only pay more taxes with higher income, but they also tend to have better health and depend less on government programs and spend more leisure time with their family or on civic activities. Moreover, students who have higher education will have more knowledge and awareness in life choices and can more easily to avoid lack of money and will become a criminal. According to Dr.
Hill (2005), educational attainment may lead to less criminal behavior and lower imprisonment rate. Thus, the number of criminals will decline so human life will be happier and people no longer worried about things such as phishing, theft or violence. Higher education is a good way to help develop the economy and society. In conclusion, everyone should be required to undertake university education because students can have the opportunity to prepare for their jobs, creating career opportunities and higher income in the future. This leads to better individual life’s quality and give more benefits for society.
Overall, from reasons above, students should be encouraged to go to university to get better life and better country. REFERENCE LIST: Baum and Payea, 2005, ‘the benefits of higher education for individuals and society’, College Board, vol. 1, page 10 and 16, viewed 6 January 2013 http://www. collegeboard. com/prod_downloads/about/news_info/trends/ed_pays_2007. pdf ‘Building rapport-establishing bonds’, mind tools, viewed 6 January 2013 http://www. mindtools. com/pages/article/building-rapport. htm Hill Ph. D, Hoffman Ph. D and Rex MBA, 2005, ‘the value of higher education: individual and societal benefit’, school of business, vol. , page 24, viewed 6 January 2013 http://wpcarey. asu. edu/seid/upload/Value%20Full%20Report_final_october%202005a. pdf Lederer, J 2010, “Job Growth: Why increasing education attainment is so important for creating jobs”, Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board, viewed 6 January 2013 http://www. wsac. wa. gov/sites/default/files/TAB7A-JobGrowthPresentation. pdf Potter, A 2006, “should everyone go to university? ”, reading pack, vol. 6, viewed 6 January 2013 http://www. macleans. ca/education/universities/article. jsp? content=20061113_136513_136513

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