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Published: 2021-07-01 07:52:20
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“Studies! Studies! Studies! You have no time for indulgence; there is not much time for games or hobbies. They are luxuries.” These words are still ringing in my years.
It is an unforgettable period of my life-the tough days at campus that has made me whip myself to be a top performer in my curriculum. It was tough studying in Kenya, where the facilities are limited but the curriculum is overwhelming. The standards expected by our universities were different where an overall GPA of 2.65 was meritorious and the performer was a topper [if it were more it would have spoken poorly of the syllabus, training as well as grading].A tremendous capacity for hard work and focused efforts made me one such performer, and has enabled me to apply for this program of MSIS.
I have acquainted myself with many computer applications and through intense self-motivation I have learnt these by trial and error – This field of technology is fascinating because it is the most relevant in the current scenario. Moreover, Information Technology is evolving day after day and there is no end to innovation in this field. Getting systematic hands on training is my intention and this program is sure to provide me the chance.

This will enable me to enhance my skills and I shall use the practical knowledge acquired here to improve my creative skills, thereby excelling in my future career. . I have dreamt of a lucrative career in this field, one that is full of self-improvement and that gives room for novelty every day. It is fascinating to see how information is passed on through an organization while at the same time is being integrated with and aided by newer and newer computer programs and applications.
In Kenya, the system of education focuses a lot on theory and not practical applications. I need to apply the intense theoretical knowledge I acquired all these years and this can only be achieved here .This MSIS Program will provide me with a specialized knowledge of Information Systems and expose the student to practical applications in systems analysis and design.  Moreover, choice of  electives in ERP, , problem formulation ,decision supporting systems  and electronic commerce application theories  would provide one with  new  skill sets  and enhance existing ideas  .
My aim is to be an expert problem solver, using technology to achieve strategic advantage in modern organizations .  It has been a longstanding dream to pursue a Masters’ in the US and to seek prestigious employment in the field of Information Technology and be that high-flying executive who is a big asset to a Fortune 500 company.
As my desire is to hold a position of significance in a huge company, the necessary expertise to analyse, synthesise and evaluate situations to make sound decisions is imperative. The integrated approach of experimentation and analysis offered by the MSIS Program would provide my longed-for practical training and help me be an expert System Creator. I would ultimately go back to my homeland where managers of superior skills are in short supply and then I would be able to make good use of all the experience acquired over here.
My performance in underprivileged circumstances stands testimony to my hard work and motivation. I am very meticulous and systematic by nature and my attention to detail is sure to stand me in good stead in this logical field of Information Systems. I would make the best of the great opportunity in the U.S. and the training acquired here would stay through the rest of my career, helping me achieve my ambition in life. There is also the fond hope and wish that one can fit in extra hobbies within the time available, given the desire and proper time management.
Dear student,
I have written your essay and I sincerely pray that you get admission into a good school, thereby fulfilling your ambition in life.  I have written quite forcefully about your overall grade being very meritorious because I was worried that if, by chance, it fell short of the cutoff, the tough conditions in Kenya should at least speak strongly in your favor.  However, I would like to make a few suggestions.
1. I have mentioned a few electives that I thought may best suit you [you have to impress upon the panel that you are very focused in what you want and cannot be general all the time]. . Now, you go through this very carefully and use your discretion to include or eliminate the names [as you think fit]. You will be able to get an idea if you read the brochure of the schools, and the electives offered. However, see that it coordinates with the general theme and tone of the essay. If something of your aptitude is more logical then you can include that also.
Another suggestion would be that you do some home work on all that you have written before you attend your interview [if there is a personal interview-] you must give very precise answers and nothing should be vague or generalized. That will give an unfavorable impression.
I have just mentioned about the ‘tough’ days in campus-you may add the number of years-say—“ 5/6/7/ years of  life in Boarding school and the five/four year period of Engineering  college’.
As the question stresses on what this program would help you achieve, I have not highlighted your hobbies and other interests. [You did not have time or the facility to shine in any hobby of yours from what I could gather. There was no point in highlighting this in your essay.] However, you can make a discreet mention in your c.v.

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