Superpower Has No Moral Duty to Intervene in Foreign Tyrannies

Published: 2021-07-01 08:34:49
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Lord Acton said “Power corrupts absolutely & absolute power corrupts absolutely. ” And it is no wonder that super power corrupts superbly. Honourable panel of the jury, respected teachers & all my dear friends, and of course not to forget my worthy but disillusioned opponents, a very warm good afternoon to one & all. Nowadays the burning topic is whether superpower can involve in foreign affairs. Today I master Bright James George would like to speak against the motion ‘Superpower has a moral duty to intervene in foreign tyrannies.
In this contemporary world, superpower has a habit which they call as a ‘moral intervention’. But I refer this as ‘poking their nose in other’s matter’. Since when the superpowers rose into this world, they found this intervention advantageous for them on the other hand harmful for others. I hope my opponents know that every members of United Nations has to abide to its policy. In December 1965, UN General Assembly had declared a policy stating that ‘no country has to intervene in whatsoever affairs of other countries.
My opponents cannot turn a blind eye to these events: US-Vietnam war, Russia Chechnya Conflict. Is this what my opponents call these superpowers’ moral duty by violating the UN policies? You got to think twice, my friends. I fail to understand why my opponents believe in the so called moral duty of superpower intervention. Do superpowers know other country’s background, culture, tradition etc.? They know only a little and remember little knowledge is always dangerous. With a little knowledge how can they intervene in foreign tyrannies?

It doesn’t sound good too either. When a country allows superpower to intervene in their tyrannies, it shows the incapability of the government to control that country. Moreover all the success of that country becomes the glory of the superpower. What a shame then! A country must stand on its own foot. It can only seek help in a very critical situation. My opponents should not forget that in this politically cut-throat competitive world, one never intervenes unless & until if he or she gets a profit out of it. Superpowers do the same.
They only intervene in matters for amassing wealth & especially to quench the thirst of black water, that is, petroleum. It is no doubt that the motive of the Iraq war was to protect US economic interests- American access to gulf oil. Countries like the U. S. have misused its position as superpower says the global political scholar Francis Fukuyama claims “Twenty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the accepted end of the Cold War, the United States has misused its position as a superpower. ” When President Bush sent US troops to Somalia in 1992, he cited a humanitarian reason: to feed the starving Somali Population.
But paradoxically civil Order has broken down, and starvation was usedas a weapon against innocent people. The American troops were engaged in a manhunt for warlord Aideed. This led to ferocious fire fight on October 3, 1993 the search was in futile. Nothing substantial was accomplished. Only misery & sorrow. Percy Bysshe Shelly in his Queen Mab says, “Power, like a desolating pestilence, Pollutes whate’er it touches; and obedience, Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth, Makes slaves of men, and of the human frame A mechanized automaton. ”
According to me, “Superpower, like a destructing nuisance, Pollutes whate’er it intervenes. ” For instance, the former Yugoslavia, the Serbs, Bosnians etc. fought for nationalism. But as the superpowers like Russia intervened for altruistic reasons, things became worse. The final result was the disintegration of Yugoslavia. U. S & China doesn’t give India permanent membership in UN General Assembly. France accepted, UK accepted. Why not the Americans & the Chinese? Just a mere fear of India becoming superpower and superpower becoming soft power.
Afraid of India becoming superpower, the present superpower USA provides arms & ammunitions to Pakistan, so as to suppress India. However my obstinate opponents are still under the illusion of superpower intervention. Why superpower wants to involve in others matter, when they have problems like poverty, economic recession etc. in their country itself? To conclude, I would like to say “superpowers should not mess around with some other countries till theirs is in order. ” Finally those who believe that ‘Superpower has a moral duty to intervene in foreign tyrannies’ I believe they live in the fool’s paradise. Thank you

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