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Published: 2021-07-01 08:33:46
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TATTOO Indians , Japaneses , American and African civilizations maked a tattoo for ornamental. In many civilizations tattoo used for protection to sickness and evil spirits. Tattoo used for emphasize the position of the individual in society (slave,lord,soldier,etc. ) A. C. 2000 in egypt , first tattoo found in mummy. Britons,Gauls and Thracians interested to tattoo art. Hellen and roman civilizations used tattoo for slave nd guilties people. First christian people wrote Jesus name to their body.
Tattoo swords coming from Tahiti language "tautau". Tattoo was used romantic feeling , patriotism or religionist aim but in 20 century just prof tattoo makers doing this art who has a licance . Because of hygiene problems and contegion as like AIDS. Tattoo , people usually say its a kind of an addiction. Well I think they are mostly right. But it depends on the people for sure. Some people are getting inked just for the model they like. Some are getting inked to tell others the things he has on deep inside his mind.
People also say inked people will be regretful in the future cause they think tattooed people will get bored of their tattoos. Actually there is no really something like that. Tattoo is a way to show people what or who you are. Its a lifestyle. Or maybe just art. Tattoo will be a taboo for those forever. And the most amazing thing for some others,us. I love tattoo , I think tattoo isn't a sin . If you are ready tk get inked, you got to make sure you are doing it safe. You need A clean place and the professional hands .

Its your body and There is no return at all. Price is never the same at tattoo studios. There is only one reason,quality. You re getting a painting on your body, get it well done! When you are getting inked, you need to be sober. If you drink alcohol,that makes your blood run faster and that means more blood out. Yes some of your blood would want to get out of your veins the pain of tattoo changes for the people. Some people says it a little bit hurts. Some even faint. Nothing to worry though. I think it's worth a shot.

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