Territorial Expansion Dbq Chart

Published: 2021-07-01 07:36:27
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Territorial Expansion DBQ Chart – FINAL EXAM Doc:| What it says:| What it means:| Outside Info:| How it will be used:| A| -Federalists argue that the Constitution does not touch on territorial expansion at all. -The issue therefore, should not be touched onit will just stir the pot unnecessarily-If issue is dealt with, a war (standing army) will undoubtedly come about. -Since treaty is unconstitutional, territorial expansion is unconstitutional. -Acquiring land requires an army because Louisiana territory borders Spain. If the country continues to grow, the Eastern states will not be important anymore. | -PEOPLE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM TERRITORIAL EXPANSION. -Talking about the subject will bring up unwanted feelings between the pro & anti–expansionists. -Federalists are strongly against the idea of territorial expansion. -TERRITORIAL EXPANSION= huge hassle that requires getting involved with other countries and their land. | - Death of Federalist Party-Hartford Convention| Against| B| -Majority of voters above the Maryland, Virginia line voted negative on the declaration of war. Majority of voters below the Maryland, Virginia line voted affirmative on the declaration of war. -All those in the west voted affirmative in the declaration of war. | - Most of those in the South and West voted for going to war with Great Britain while those North voted against going to war. Those who supported going to war usually were in support of territorial expansion. | -Madison’s Declaration of War in 1812-War Hawks| For| C| -The Cherokee had existed 200 years after Europeans came to America. They resisted white efforts to aid them, and have done so successfully.
They have stayed at the same intellectual level, and are at a scientific and social standstill. The Indians are essentially too stubborn to realize they are holding themselves back. | -This shows American attitudes towards Native Americans. They saw the assimilation into white society as an improvement on the culture of the Natives, and therefore, the Cherokee’s resistance was counter-productive. | -Indian Removal Act| Against| D| -Indians were moved in indirect routes from their homes to the new Indian reservations. -The Indian Removal Act forced them out of their lands. -Indians are being forceably removed from their homes and they aren’t even being taken on direct routes to their new homes. -They had to walk an increased amount because they weren’t guided in the right routes. | -Indian Removal Act| Against| E| -This document is a map of America but it has been drawn over with an eagle. It has an eagle drawn over it because the bald eagle is the national Animal. | -The document shows the greatness and the boldness of America because the bald eagle is supposed to be great and majestic so it is supposed to symbolize the greatness of America. -Manifest destiny-Patriotism,-The annexation of Texas-Indian removal| For | F| The settlers in Oregon would open the road to India from the United States. This road was through the South Pass at the mouth of Oregon. These settlements will help commence American Asiatic trade. | Trade would flourish because of westward expansion. The settlers in Oregon particularly would cause the commencement of America’s Asiatic trade on a new and national route. | -Purpose of discovering America: trade route to India-Settlement of Oregon| For territorial expansion.
Economic| G| Andrew Jackson is saying that it was patriotic, increased wealth and happiness of all classes to add Texas to the Union. Americans could also spread the Gospel, education and other aspects of American culture. | Andrew Jackson was in favor of territorial expansion, and wanted to add Texas to the Union. It would benefit all of the social classes, and American culture would be further spread. | -Acquirement of Texas-Manifest Destiny| For territorial expansion. Social| H| John C. Calhoun didn’t want to expand.

He noted that it was an American mission to spread civil and religious liberty all over the world, but it was a mistake. Only some were capable of maintaining free government, and only some of those were capable of forming a durable constitution. | John C. Calhoun didn’t support westward expansion because he didn’t think free government was being forced on those who could handle it. Only people with a very high state of moral and intellectual improvement were capable of maintaining free government and forming a constitution. | -Mexico at the time (and its people)-Constitution-Address to Congress on Mexico | Against territorial expansion.
Political| I| Henry David Thoreau felt that government, the only mode which people have chosen to execute their will, was liable to be abused and perverted before the people could act through it. He listed the Mexican War as a prime example. | Henry David Thoreau wasn’t a fan of the way the government worked, and felt that it was easily abused. He stated that he doubted the people would have consented to the Mexican War if the government was completely based on their will. The Mexican War was the work of a few individuals using the standing government as their tool. -Henry David Thoreau-Civil Disobedience-Mexican War| Against territorial expansion. Political | J| By every law, human and religious, America was justified in taking Cuba from Spain. The same principle justified tearing down a neighbor’s burning house if there is no other way of preserving your own home. | America had no other choice but to take Cuba from Spain, to protect itself. Cuba could easily be used against the United States by Spain, and the U. S. couldn’t risk that happening. It was in America’s best interest. | -Cuban independence-Monroe Doctrine| For territorial expansion. Political|

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