The Movie Cast Away.

Published: 2021-07-01 08:30:40
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The movie “Cast Away” was one of 2000's best movies. IT was about a “FedEx” worker, whose plane he was on board to deliver international packages had crashed over the ocean. All passengers on that plane had died in the crash, leaving him alone on an island to survive. He was forced to live on that island for four years with only a flashlight, a picture of his fiancee and some random packages that should been delivered and could have not been any more unusable.
The movie showed how he was so professional at his job that even though he was left all alone on that island, it took him quiet some time to open the packages he was not supposed to open. He had to check what the content of those packages were and whether there was anything he could make use of. Between all the packages he had to violate by opening, was a volley ball which a grandmother had wanted it to be delivered to her grandson.
I was so touched when I saw how he had cut the ball from the top and stuck in some dead leaves, just to make it look like human-like so he would keep his mental status balanced. Of course, he had never stopped thinking about his fiancee while he was on that island. He had drawn a portrait of her with a chock to keep him accompanied in the cave he had resided in. 4 years after he went back home, when he was found by a near by people on a boat, he had found his fiancee married to his doctor friend.

Soon after, his ex-fiancee couldn't help it but have mixed feelings as to whether keep things the way they are with her husband, or to get into an affair with him since they had been in love for so long before his disappearance. The movie was so thought of, and triggered many emotions for the viewers. The fact that the main character had to do many long scenes just by himself required a high level of talent. The story of the movie as well as the plot were new and conveyed many emotions, that for me, would put the movie on my top 10 best movies of all time.

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