Wilderness versus Civilization

Published: 2021-07-01 07:58:30
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Since the time of the first colonizers that set foot in America, there have been great debates regarding the preservation of the Wilderness or the promotion of Civilization. For as far as common sense thinking would be concerned, it is quite impossible for these two to exist at the same place and at the same time.
As could be seen in the essay “Of Plymouth Plantation”, one could see what a civilization or the introduction of civilization has brought to the people. If one would follow the story, as civilization was brought from England to the Wilderness of America, there have been wars and competition, along with conflicts of intentions. In this regard, it would not be a good idea to establish civilizations in areas were people have already created their own native traditions. The imposition of a civilization to another would most likely cause chaos.
There have also been wide arrays of bloodshed, deception and trickery. Nevertheless, if the civilization was not introduced there would be no America today. The introduction of civilization has led primitive America settlements become more organize and modernized.  The introduction of weapons, as shown in the Plymouth story have improved the hunting skills of Indians and increased their defense. However, it has resulted to more trees being burned and more animals being killed, meaning, the destruction of the wilderness.

In light of this, I would like to create a study that would focused on which of the two, between wilderness and civilization, weighs more and must be preserved or supported. As could blatantly be seen, on the story “Of Plymouth Plantation”, there is a conflict of whether it would be better to leave the forest and tickets as it is with its Indian people or to pursue the goal of introducing a civilization in the area.
I would like to study the literary history behind the decision made by the governor of Plymouth not to help the England colonizer nevertheless they have go against the natives who are little by little learning the knowledge and technology that was present during their time.
I would also try to locate other conflicts in the story that have affected touch the wilderness versus civilization issue. It could have been the political understatement that could be seen to reflect the different intentions behind the issue.
This study is worth of consideration since it would help determine which facet of society one should support. It would also help determine what are the merits and demerits of a civilization and wilderness with respect to the actions and reactions done by the people in Plymouth.
At the end of this study, readers would become fully aware if the conflict of wilderness and civilization in the story should be resolved as a political, economical issue or an issue of personal gain.
Since the story was about why America would want to go against or become independent from the rule of England, the section regarding the pursuit of belonging and introducing the “English civilization” is also one aspect that must be looked upon. The author of the story might have believed that introducing an English type of Civilization along with its renowned religion might only damaged the wilderness and the consciousness of the relationships of the people in the new country.
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